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  1. Thanks MattyB for taking the time, my fingers were aching just reading the detailed info Being someone who manages (rejects) cookie options and uses the phone primarily for calls, texts and emails am still disappointed there is not a url link which takes up less space. Ok in this world of instant the cost is data given away - jury is still out for me. Thanks again MattyB for taking the time to explain.
  2. Not sure - remember when you had to scan one on entering premises during covid restrictions so you could be contacted?
  3. Thanks MattyB - Not heard of a Windows10 QR reader Jury is still out on there use for me. Like Don I am protective of both my phone number and email address being very conscious of my digital footprint and giving my precious and valuable data away while being tracked for little reward. I presume all these QR scans are a marketing/data goldmine making some very rich, data you you can never retrieve
  4. I have noticed that many recent features, articles and builds in the RCM&E have displayed a QR for extra information. All well and good if you want to look at the additional information on a tablet or tiny smart phone. Personally I like a PC and unless I am missing something I can't see how I can access the information advertised eg additional building pictures/info from a featured plan article. The QR code must link to a data base so why not print a link or have a reference point to search? Seems short sighted to alienate/exclude a percentage of readers. Any ideas please
  5. I believe along the boom, however I left mine off to save a few grams and making the boom replacement simpler should I have an untidy arrival with the ground
  6. For small 2*s I use a strip of PTFE tape (white stretchy stuff ) which just fits width wise. Remember to put a slot in for the exhaust gasses and screw holes. I have found it comes in two thicknesses, thinner for water compression joints and a slightly thicker (preferred) one for gas threads. Thin so no compression loosening screws over time but thick enough to take up any irregularities, plus heat proof for glows.
  7. Broke my autogyro head so order a new one on Thursday from Malcolm at Coolwind at 10.46am - 10.47am next day (Friday) RM pushed it through my letterbox - well done both
  8. Personally I don't like mid averts, I accept top and bottom as a necessity as revenue is required - however those who have a print or digital subscription are subjected to the intrusion/irritation with no possible gain for Morton. I believe someone earlier mentioned that as a subscriber has to enter there membership number on sign up, surly it can't be that difficult to filter out the mid membership ad? Should the ad change to a commercial ad placement I can see the use of ad blockers becoming more widely used which would then also filter out the top and bottom banners as well which just about all are happy to accept - own goal springs to mind.
  9. Ace


    I'm with kevin b, banners top and bottom I can live with but ad hoc in the middle is just seriously infuriating putting it politely Seen there is another dedicated topic now.
  10. Loads of suppliers on ebay - example Others may correct but believe 1/4" but check.
  11. Ok been waiting for a decent westerly blow. Today everything lined up so went for a trial flight that turned into a very enjoyable 3 x 20 min flights. A bit of a trek to get there (1.5k) but was greeted with a strong westerly, 18mph gusting 25mph +. Weapon of choice a 46" Wildthing for the first outing due to its robustness. First launch straight back over my head. The only ballast I had was a 75g lump of lead which luckily was just enough. Second launch a little further down from the lip and she was away. 20 minutes later a landing was attempted - 3rd time of asking using the dead spot between the two lips. I wouldn't want to risk an expensive plane as getting it down is a tight challenge. There is a grass field behind over a wall and wire fence which is not really practical to use regularly. 2nd and 3rd flights both of 20min just as enjoyable. I could comfortably traverse 150m in both directions and with few trees on the lower slope lift was strong with little turbulence. Sorry no flying pictures (no hat cam or 3rd hand) but a view from further along shows the spot and the second is the westerly view out across the Vale of York. Gliding club is a good mile+ to the south. Summary - big smile, long walk, good afternoons flying and next time bring a friend for company.
  12. When I flew petrol's off concrete, tick over meant they ran on forever until someone mentioned trapping a small length of fuel tubing between the wheel and retention/collet. Simple and the extra friction transformed ground handling.
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