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  1. Dam auto complete and not checking 🥵
  2. A 1" wide strip of grass reinforced packing tape wrapped tip to tip top and bottom works very well in tension, light and easy to add.
  3. Yes happy with no manuals, FW190 continuation in BQ with Tempest in a separate topic. Crosses with Red 23 for my FW - Tempest waiting in anticipation 😉
  4. Welcome JR from Wetherby, also retired and hopefully meet up in the new year.
  5. Appreciate the info JR 👍 NY Moors western edge are the closest sites to me, although still 33 miles away so not a frequent visitor but will take you up on your offer to meet up in the new year.
  6. My HK grey bag containing 2 x 4000 5s lipos had split in transit. The boxes inc lipos and original grey packaging were in a RM repackaging bag with a sticker saying "the original packaging had been damaged and re packaged by RM". That made it very obvious to RM what was being sent 😉 All present, correct and undamaged.
  7. 6mm for the ribs with no need for caps - however end ribs I would use wood if using any type of shrinking covering as the force will distort 🍌 foam end ribs from experience 😥
  8. Richard, +1 Tempest to the 26th Aug FW190 (Now 1 of each please) Thanks
  9. Slightly smaller air cooled Kawasaki KH triple 250 or 400? With grey paint flecks if Ron gets his wish 😁
  10. Well done wife they were not a 5 minute knock up 👏 Great team work.
  11. Apologies slightly off topic but a True story and the only time I have been stopped for speeding: After leaving the forces mid 80's I got a job as a milkman. Electric float on the flat 15-19mph, however my run back to the depot took me down a steep hill in Toton. Speedo only went to 30mph - accuracy ? However if you knocked it out of drive and freewheeled downhill it bent the needle (huge heavy lead acid traction batteries). Speed trap at the bottom of the hill and plod stopped me. Q - how fast were you going. A - speedo said 30mph officer. Reply - try 43mph. Me- surly not this is an electric milk float they won't go that fast. Officer - get off no one is going to believe me.
  12. I can't believe I am not the only one who's imagination was way off on a different tangent 😁
  13. +1 for plasterboard 👍 A bit of skip diving before any rain has touched it = free. Run packing tape around the edges to prevent dust/crumbling.
  14. I got my Banzai from here Looking good Ron.
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