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  1. Dorothy Airlines (only on a Friday night) 😉
  2. @Fun Flyer Like you I detest and avoid anything that auto renews wherever possible, so I recently renewed by sending a cheque (remember those 😉) for the Annual DC/CC £57 which they accepted. @Steveio1875 may wish to comment if not acceptable as its not a published option?
  3. Ron's vids are excellent and extremely useful as are Eric's inputs/observations 👍 Each YT installment liked to assist stats. Please keep the info coming Ron and Eric 👏
  4. Had the 78" Extra 260 with a DLE 30 and underslung power pipe - until exuberance exceeded ability 🤫 This gave an opportunity to examine the build quality which was ok when it was disassembled, as in the main it was the wood that broke rather than joints failing. Usual fretted out ply/balsa with reasonable heat shrink covering applied well. Extra 260 looks like a sports model so can't comment on scale fidelity and flew very well.
  5. @Ron Gray It was was plain standard white polystyrene without any flecks as sometimes seen in Jablite from B & Q. Not sure if the flecks are just coloured beads and would cut as normal ? Up here Howarth Timber in Harrogate sell white virgin foam as wall insulation . I bought one 2400 x 1200 x 100 and one 2400 x 1200 x 50mm, then cut each in half with a handsaw in the carpark so they would fit in my Mondeo est. Had some funny looks as the white beads blew around their yard 🤭
  6. Geoff that is a very neat solution 👍
  7. Sorry to deviate re servo reversing - would you achieve the same outcome swopping two pins over in the servo plug being easier and reversible?
  8. I think it was back in 2017 ish when Ton Van Munsteren had his version published in RCM&E, I was in the same lack of club interest position. That was until I cut I think it was 8 cores and dished them out to those who expressed an interest once they had seen it fly. I think 5 made it into the air and yes as you correctly suggest they are a hoot and simple to build once you have the foam core. Apparently cutting the core was the main reason for not joining in, so remove that objection as they really are brilliant fun. Ron Gray did well getting members to join in with the Hanky Planky once he offered a kit. Offering a kit or foam blank seems to be perceived as so much easier for club members to join in rather than having to start from a plan. They really are cheap fun.
  9. Same club as Peter and can confirm it fly's and tracked beautifully around the blue Yorkshire sky today. That spotty 16 year old built a nice true frame which has now been finished off superbly 👍
  10. By contrast I have had a reminder each month for the last 3 -2-1 months then 0 today. One week ago I received my renewal conformation after I sent them a cheque (remember those) simply because I have a dislike for any automatic renewals. Yes the blank page and banner is when using the IMO must easier to read darker large print format. May or may not be in the minority but still ruddy annoying 🤬
  11. You know when one of those little irritating niggles just gets more and more annoying every time it occurs - well that dam blank page with the RCM&E banner whenever you change page forwards/backwards is REALLY REALLY annoying particularly as a mag subscriber. Now I appreciate there must be many formites who are not mag subscribers and Morton's want to convert them, so must by now be a conscious decision not to sort it out but come on you are seriously irritating this supporter.
  12. Postie working late just dropped mine off at 17.59 - 👍
  13. Conclusion - The concussion was brought on after not proof reading the gobblede goop first 🤫
  14. @J D 8 If you just hit refresh on the blank RCM&E banner screen it works for me 🤞 Win 10, Darker as I prefer the larger to read format which then displays the RCM&E blank screen when changing page either forward or backwards. Irritating - however hitting the refresh brings up the requested page. Don't know enough to offer any concussion.
  15. GG is correct 👍 - KISS with simple compatible plug and play software. Once a little fettling is required then out of my comfort zone/knowledge. Not dissimilar to early open source TX software where I suspect early adopters were the same people who use Linux etc.
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