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  1. Root729 on ebay has been my go to for years - no connection just very satisfied.
  2. Ace

    Electric Cars.

    @Paul De Tourtoulon Correction 62miles - from What Car magazine: "Perhaps the most interesting engine option of all, though, is the plug-in hybrid. This combines the 1.5-litre petrol unit with an electric motor for a total output of 201bhp. But, more importantly, its battery is twice the size of its predecessors, so officially allows you to travel up to 62 miles on electric power." It will also accept 50kW charging so 10-80% in 25 mins. No connection with Skoda just looking for an alternative to my superb 😁 Mondeo est.
  3. Ace

    Electric Cars.

    Out of curiosity anyone know the percentage of company car driver to private buyers of the 1mil BEV owners? My gut feeling is that the huge tax reduction in BIK played a big part. Lost revenue from BIK, Vat & Fuel duty has to be recouped from somewhere as current levels are not sustainable. Like Martin Dance a PHEV is high on my list, something with a reasonable electric only range - the new Skoda Superb est later this year with a 68 mile range would cover 90% of my local driving.
  4. I found a balance that worked for me. Accepted essential and functional only - rejected others - now video's play, no pop up reminder which just leaves the small blue circle in bottom left which I can live with.
  5. As an alternative to DM Rocket Powder used by Ron to support the servo blocks, you can use ordinary Bicarbonate of Soda (supermarket cooking isle <Β£1) for the same result.
  6. I believe there may be a development regarding this very issue of additional info only available through QR codes in the next months RCM&E. Like Kc a phone is just a phone/text for me so all my forums are PC based and if we are honest the pictures look much better/clearer on a large screen. However I have some sympathy for the mag editor as space must be at a premium so numerous extra pages of build photos is not an option. So yes it would be nice to be able to access those additional plan build photos/info via the PC.
  7. We eventually gave up on ours when a local mower specialist was looking for a gearbox to keep one of the golf clubs machines going. A swop/deal was done for a ride on with just 35 hrs use. What manuals we had are a page or so back but don't know if they contain the information! Good luck 🀞
  8. I have again been told its all working 🀞 So tried it out to watch Ron's videos. Firstly I can now see them againπŸ‘ Reject all - nothing Necessary - nothing Necessary + functional only - plays And obviously post reply now works. Happy bunny πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
  9. Been told the cookie issue has been sorted - errrm I think not as now: Videos are not displayed now nor is the banner accepting cookies- blank space If you check reject all or necessary/functional still no video appears. Only accept all will the video appear and then play. Then when I came to post a reply I could not until I accepted all - now changed back to necessary/functional 😭 Mods can you please flag it to IT
  10. @Outrunner some whole clips embedded play but those linked to YT still don't for me here in Yorkshire. I think that's why some do and majority don't so still can't watch Ron's FW190 build without accepting all. "True" They obviously know a great deal but certainly not as much as if I didn't try and restrict what I give away so someone else can monetize my data.
  11. Andy S, I have nothing against some cookies as they can be beneficial in improving browsing, what I do object too and apparently the law agrees is the mining of non functional data against my wishes. Changing browser or installing an ad blocker are last resort options. I see installing them as an own goal for Mortons if they fail to rectify the issue promptly, as that would mean all their banner advertising top/bottom would be rendered useless and they would still have no data. It's not just Ron's but Steve Colman's last one is also a non player. Mod's is it just me or are Mortons fixing this or not bothering ?
  12. No that doesn't work for me trying to watch Ron's video's. Reject all - refresh - still please accept cookies Essential only- Save my preferences- refresh - still please accept cookies Accept all - plays Back to reject or essential - still please accept cookies. Now forcing someone to accept all the marketing/tracking etc. I am pretty sure is illegal, very annoying and I refuse to be bullied. If it's just me then how do I fix it - win 11/chrome. If not come on 🀞
  13. @David Ashby - Moderator, I have only clicked essential which is a legal option then they should play - having to accept full house marketing, tracking etc. is surely not right? I can't watch them on here but if I go to Ron's YT channel they play without any pop up request or further action ?
  14. As RR I still can't watch Ron's embedded videos πŸ˜₯
  15. For me its Ron's videos that still won't play having tried reject all and only essential. No way am I accepting all as is my right and should not be penalized if that's the case.
  16. Brilliant. Is it just me only the embedded videos are still blocked due to cookie request even when activated?
  17. That was a lot of work Torsten on what looked like a lost cause - that said there is a wonderful therapeutic sense of accomplishment on completion. πŸ‘ Just needs a successful maiden 🀞
  18. Privacy box while annoying I can give them some leeway to fix - up to a point but its really getting annoying now. Post fix was rapid πŸ‘ However this privacy box thing is also preventing viewing any posted videos and that is annoying as it shares info words would take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  19. Excellent Ron, keep them coming πŸ‘ ( watched on YT channel)
  20. True confusing blame the DVLA as my quote was lifted "directly off the DVLA website as written which included the highlight". David's Rover was registered sometime in 74. Anyway all academic as David's Rover is probably staying in France for the time being.
  21. Sorry classic's only exempt if- Cars built before 1 January 1973. Cars over 40 years old that are registered with the DVLA in the 'historic vehicle' tax class Anyway back to post - nice functional re-construction πŸ‘
  22. I am gutted for you John as I have been following your progress with great interest. Hopefully a solution will emerge once your disappointment has subsided.
  23. As an alternative to each having an airborne identifier could each flying location not have a beacon with power to transmit say 1k radius and give a height reading of say 400', 600' or whatever is permitted for the size of aircraft being flown. That would also cover slope flyers and allow overflying of sights when not in use? Admittedly that would make everyone else fly around us so maybe a non starter - but it could be an alternative.
  24. Only Richard will know the % split but I suspect 2/3rds of the FW/Tempest orders will have been to existing WR customers who wish to support his (and others involved) fantastic efforts πŸ‘ However while the easy build will certainly have encouraged new blood the old hands may want/need a little more variety than another single engined WW2 fighter. While they each look different and have markedly different backstories/history they are flown in a very similar fashion. When I go flying I usually take three completely different aircraft for variety, so my WR 109, LA7, FW & Tempest will be rotated meaning there will be considerable gaps already between usage. I will admit I do also have a WR BF110 with a pair of Laser 70's but a smaller electric twin would be different 🀞
  25. I have to confess having a soft spot for twins or even a multi although I have never owned one. They look and sound different to your usual single engined aircraft. True they are slightly more complex and double the power train all be it they can each be smaller. Richards BF110 was a very nice and quick build for a twin. Size wise was probably to large for this remit accepting twin 70's and retracts. So smaller, hand launched (retro retracts?) and as much as I love IC at this size electric. A Mossie is not the easiest shape to model but being iconic probably has huge appeal. My first vote πŸ‘ . Unlike some I like axis just because they are different so how about the Mitsubishi TK4 better than a Tigercat, even the Americans admitted it. Single engined I favour a KI84 Noted British test pilot Eric Brown was similarly impressed, comparing the Ki-84 favourably against the Griffon powered Spitfire Mk XIV and stating it was the finest Japanese aircraft he flew. but accept it will not float most peoples boat so Allied - Hellcat, Thunderbolt or Sea Fury.
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