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  1. Hi Ron, have you got any tips on painting aluminium spinners (primers etc)?
  2. No problem with anyone posting on this thread. If you keep in mind that the wing has a positive dihedral and then offer the pairs up to each other at the root, it should hopefully make sense.
  3. Made a start on the painting. First step was white emulsion, brushed on. Then mask off for the stripes, and the white background for the 'stars & bars'. I cut my own paint masks and these were applied onto the white background then the stripes were masked over the top (see below). The letters are just to check alignment for now. With paint masks I always seal the edges with the background colour first. This stops any bleeding through of the top colour. Seems to have worked fairly well. More later...
  4. Do you have a link to the B&Q foam that you are using? Thanks.
  5. I have finished covering the fuselage and have fitted all the tail pieces. The next step will be painting. I am going to try to replicate this scheme: More later...
  6. Thanks chaps. I made a start on covering the fuselage today. More later...
  7. Sorted out the radiator fixing today. I first glued on some balsa disks that locate in the wing bolt holes. Then used a small diamond hole cutter to fit some magnets. More later...
  8. OK, a bit more done today. I have added a part former for the canopy to glue to (for a flush joint) and trimmed the cockpit sides as they were semi blocking the canopy windows. I also fired up Fusion360 and designed and printed some exhausts. More later...
  9. Nik, I wanted to use a single connector when attaching the wing and am going to try DB9's. These give you nine pins to play with and as I have 6 servos in the wing (2 for ailerons, 2 for flaps and two retracts) this gives me 18 wires to connect. In order to do this I will pair them up. The electric retracts are fine with this, as are the ailerons (when one goes up the other goes down). The flaps however need to go up and down together and in order to achieve this, on of them has to be reversed. As they are sharing the same channel on the reciever, I can't simply reverse one on the transmitter (they would need to be on seperate channels) So I opted to reverse one manually by opening it up and switching wires around. I hope that made sense!
  10. Things had slowed up a bit recently but I have done some more: I have added a radiator vent I have also covered the wing with brown paper. Covered, painted and fitted the flaps and ailerons. The brown paper is sealed with a thin coat of PVA. I have fitted the aileron linkages. I am using two servos for the flaps so I had to reverse one of the servos as I will be using a single DB9 connector for the wing. This involves swapping over the two yellow wires connected to the servo motor. And then swapping over the two outer wires (red and black) that are connected to the potentiometer. Finally I have added a strip of balsa to neaten up the battery hatch/fuselage join. More later...
  11. A bit of filling and sanding of the wing today. It's getting closer to being finished! More later...
  12. It's the 72inch Tony Nijhuis Mosquito. I built it a few years ago now and it turned out a bit heavy. It is currently in bits on a shelf, after a nasty tipstall incident.
  13. In a blatant attempt to tip the balance and in good 'Blue Peter' style.............. Here's one I made earlier.
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