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  1. Caused by an adhesive bonding failure in a prop...............It came to an unsticky end.
  2. True story: I went into Lidl a couple of years ago and in the middle aisle they had an inflatable canoe next to barbeque accessories. They obviously thought that you can have your kayak and heat it.
  3. You should be able to use the DX8e as the master and any Spektrum Tx as the slave. The DX8e has a built in receiver which you bind the slave Tx to just like you would to a model. The slave Tx doesn't have to be wireless trainer capable, only the master Tx.
  4. I'm afraid that where women are concerned it's strictly VFR, no instruments fitted and you don't know their stall speed or VNE so handling is unpredictable. What's more you may take off in a Pitts but log enough hours and you find you're flying a jumbo.
  5. Modern biodiesel is made by transesterification of vegetable oils using Methanol to give Fatty Acid Methyl Esters which have similar viscosity, flash point and auto ignition temperature characteristics to diesel oil.
  6. https://www.4-max.co.uk/adjustable-motor-mount-med-large.html
  7. My wife also had a horse, far more expensive and time consuming than model aircraft so she couldn't complain.
  8. Me too. Criterion was "can I fit an assembled Riot in"?
  9. Sounds like its a low voltage warning and cut off. When you run the motor on the ground monitor the total voltage and individual cell voltages until the motor cuts out as suggested by Cliff.
  10. I hate to ask this Ron, but where do you fly? Don't tell me if you would have to shoot me afterwards!
  11. Which motor and ESC? And what arrangements are there to cool the ESC? Could be beeping to tell you that the ESC is overheating. Was there a pattern to the beeping, long and short beeps or pauses?
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