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  1. Caused by an adhesive bonding failure in a prop...............It came to an unsticky end.
  2. True story: I went into Lidl a couple of years ago and in the middle aisle they had an inflatable canoe next to barbeque accessories. They obviously thought that you can have your kayak and heat it.
  3. You should be able to use the DX8e as the master and any Spektrum Tx as the slave. The DX8e has a built in receiver which you bind the slave Tx to just like you would to a model. The slave Tx doesn't have to be wireless trainer capable, only the master Tx.
  4. I'm afraid that where women are concerned it's strictly VFR, no instruments fitted and you don't know their stall speed or VNE so handling is unpredictable. What's more you may take off in a Pitts but log enough hours and you find you're flying a jumbo.
  5. Modern biodiesel is made by transesterification of vegetable oils using Methanol to give Fatty Acid Methyl Esters which have similar viscosity, flash point and auto ignition temperature characteristics to diesel oil.
  6. https://www.4-max.co.uk/adjustable-motor-mount-med-large.html
  7. My wife also had a horse, far more expensive and time consuming than model aircraft so she couldn't complain.
  8. Me too. Criterion was "can I fit an assembled Riot in"?
  9. Sounds like its a low voltage warning and cut off. When you run the motor on the ground monitor the total voltage and individual cell voltages until the motor cuts out as suggested by Cliff.
  10. I hate to ask this Ron, but where do you fly? Don't tell me if you would have to shoot me afterwards!
  11. Which motor and ESC? And what arrangements are there to cool the ESC? Could be beeping to tell you that the ESC is overheating. Was there a pattern to the beeping, long and short beeps or pauses?
  12. If stabilisation is required then a Lemon stabilised receiver would work as all the adjustments are done physically on the receiver with the Tx controlling on/off on a switch.
  13. It will work with the AR630 BUT I'm pretty sure that this model transmitter does not have forward programming and therefore the AS3X stabilisation can't be set up.
  14. A number of engines and kits in this auction on 22nd May, including an OS Wankel that appears unused. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/warren-and-wignall-ltd/catalogue-id-srwar10364/search-filter?categorycode=MOD&page=2
  15. Digging into the archive shows that the model is pre 2011 so I think I will update all of the electrics, model itself is in good physical condition.
  16. I have run the motor up using a 3s battery and measured approx 440 watts on the 10x6 prop. However it was running a bit rough and investigation shows that the bearings have seen batter days. The allen screws on the motor look a bit dodgy so i will replace the motor. I think I will also replace the ESC as the separate BEC added on does not inspire confidence.
  17. 500 watts should be plenty for flying at scale speed, the 80 amp esc is probably overkill on a 10x6 on 4s but he was known to reuse/recycle/repair so it was probably in the bits box. Think I will run it up and measure the current on the 10x6 with a 3s battery and swap it for a 12x6 and repeat.
  18. I have inherited a model from a late club member and I'm trying to sort out a suitable battery and prop combination. The motor is 38mm diameter back plate to front of motor is 42mm shaft is 14mm long 5mm diameter. It's wired to an 80 amp skywing esc which appears to have a separate BEC piggy backed onto it. It came with a 10x6 prop and I believe it ran on a 4s battery. The model weighs 2 kg without battery.
  19. I thought that the Hercules had been retired and replaced with the Airbus A400M
  20. Does anyone have an Aero-Naut Triple glider? Does it fly well, any issues? Thanks
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