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  1. FIRST FLIGHT SUCCESS I flew my easy star today for the first time. Plus this was my first successful flight ever. And by successful i mean I got the model in the air and then back down to earth in one pie Although not a perfect flight by far the model does have some problems that need sorting. 1. The Battery. The battery capacity was was to small so only lasted for about 5 mins. That is easy to sort as I have new Batteries in the post. 2. Tale Heavy. It was very Tail heavy and kept wanting to stall itself although I had thought I had it balanced correctly. My test was to balance it on my fingers on the CofG recomened by the insructions (is this not accurate enough?) 3. The Trim. This could be hard to sort out. The model always wanted to turn left. The trim setting on my Tx was no where near enough to correct it. The tail section looked straight when i glued it into place but the tention from adding the control rods seems to pull the tale (by twisting the soft foam fuz). In flight the rudder full to the right still resulted in a small left turn. I not sure how to sort it out now.
  2. Cheers Richard. Balsa Cabin seem to have the best selection online. However thier web site is not great and to order from them you need to send them a list by email then Phone them to pay. But having said that i have ordered most of the materials i need from them. And I would recomend them to anybody. Richard you are lucky being near them.
  3. Well i managed to order the materials and tools need just waiting on the post man. I was planning on using wood glue and epoxy (for areas needeing strenght) does this sound right?
  4. Anybody know a good online shop for building materials (balsa obechi strip ect)
  5. All the info i can get helps at this stage. The plan im looking at has 8 identical ribs plus 4 specials. but even the specials are cut to the same shape just from thicker balsa for extra strengh. so i guess its not that complicated as far as flying models go. With the help i have picked up from here im encuraged to give it a go. but know doubt i will be back asking for more help. i will post some progess pics on here as i go. the one part of the build still worring me is the covering but im far from that stage yet. Thanks Guys
  6. oh i live in Lisburn Northern Ireland. I like the look of the vee 2 free plan innovembers RCM&E. but i thought i could modify the plan to make the tail a conventional one with rudder and elevator. Maybe a bit ambitious for a first build?
  7. Thanks for the tips. But i do have a question I hope i dont sound to stupid but..... I can see cutting Balsa in straight cuts is a fairly simple process. and shaping roundes edges is just a question of sanding it down to the correct shape. but what is the best way of cutting out curved shapes in balsa sheet such as for ribs. Is it just a simple but long process of cutting out the shapes roughly with a knife and the sanding it down. or is there a way of Precisely cutting out the shapes without the need for too much sanding. ie with a fret saw or power fret saw. i have found cutting out the shapes accurately with just a knife difficult.
  8. Yes it does thanks Ben I can already see a big fear with this model that it might glide out of sight. Hence my original question about the rudder. Im both excited and nervious about my maden flight. But im waiting on the weather now. I could be waiting untill next april lol.
  9. its ok i bought cheep arf kits off ebay they would have not been good flyers in an experts hands. but i did learn from them. I have an easy star ready to go and i know that it will be a good flyer. as for building i dont have a good model shop local so most materials i need to order online. thats why it would be very usefull to have a list of what i need in advance so i can order in one go saving postal costs and avoiding long waits for an essential missing part. and being a novice it will be hard to estimate what i need. ie the tricksof the trade such as your example that you only learn through experiance. But i guess the easy answer i was looking for does not exist uless i but a traditional build kit. but i did want to do the work myself
  10. RCM&E Have some great free plans. I have never built a flying model before but I do have some experiance in other types of modeling. it would be usefull if the plans came with a shopping list of materials needed. Do bought plans come with such info or will i need to work it out for myself?
  11. We will see. so far i have been a bit of a plane eater lol. just waiting on a good fly day to try it out. i have a 1500 3s in the post from flea bay (Hong Kong job) i will give it a try when it arrives. but im sure it will fly ok on my old NiMH battery I might try some upgrades later on but i shall see how it goes.
  12. Yes I did check the CofG. I originaly did have the battery forward infront of the Rx but I could not balance it that way. I needed the battery alot further back to get the CofG correct. What Lipo did you use a 2s or 3s. I have tried a 2s 400mAh battery but it only gave me a run time of just over 4 mins. and im worried a 3s will have a too higher voltage for the 6v motor. I think my NiMh battery will power it fine as i did not really want to spend on a higher capacity 2s lipo if i could help it. The easy star is just to get me flying and i want to save money for a better looking model as soon as my skill level is up to it.
  13. As you can see there is plenty of space each side of the battery. I have an 8.4v 800mAh 7 cell NiHM battery. All seems to ron fine in my workshop plenty of power. It ran for over 10 minuetes on a bench test Here are 2 pics :- But I think i will pack out the battery as it is quite heavy relative to the rest.
  14. Sounds good cheers Eric. What i shall have to do is write a check sheet and bring it with me so i am not tempted just to launch the thing lol. What does "Sacrifice a toung maiden" mean. sorry forgive my ignorance. I have secured the battery and receiver and ESC with velcro inside. Should i also pack them out with "magic foam" to stop them moving or is this just adding unwanted weight.
  15. Thanks for the advice Peevie. Im ready to maiden the easy star (and Me) just waiting on the weather. I have been training on FMS and feel ready to give it a shot. I shall up load some pics soon. Any advice on pre maiden flight tests?
  16. I have just put together my new easy star as per the instrutions. Will it fly stock. I have read the rudder is to small and needs to be modified or can i fly it how it comes?
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