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  1. Hi Ian, I've only just seen your reply. Flyin' fish were very helpful in giving me an idea for setting up the Goblin, but I haven't flown it yet because my club will only allow me to fly up to 450 size models until I get an A test. Because of covid I've not managed any real practice time, but I'm hoping to start again soon. Charles.
  2. I've been flying helis for many years but have taken a very long break and just come back to them. Electric helis seem to be the way to go. I need to take an A test and have just bought a goblin 700 and set it up in governor mode (Align BL130A). I want to set a pitch curve to be really smooth for taking the test. I suspect that the setup used by F3C pilots for hovering would be good, but can't find anyone who flies this style either on line or locally (Greater Manchester). Surprisingly the AHA doesn't appear to have any information for beginners other than the schedules. There is loads on youtube for 3D flying but that has no interest to me at my age and reaction time. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  3. I've been trying to setup a blade 450x with a 3GX unit on my new 10s. It needs transmitter mixing using HR3 (120 degree). All is fine, with the monitor showing the correct amount of servo movement until I reverse the ail and elev in the swashring menu. After doing that the mixing is lost, ie the monitor shows all servos moving equal amounts so that there is interaction between elevator and pitch when using the elevator stick. Has anyone tried to set up a heli using FROS?
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