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  1. Oh, and my Blade 400 3d has a 6100 but I would no way fly that as far away as I do my planes with AR6200s..  However, who cares!
  2. My suggestions were for complete peace of mind for myself but each to their own, its your risk! 1) 6v is better than 4.8v, less risk of brown out.  Do you disagree TIMBO? 2) for an extra £10 you get a better receiver which is less likely to go out of range plus it has a second RX which can be positioned to have less risk off a null area. Do you disagree TIMBO?  So, you just had to jump up and slate me down saying I am wrong!  I am not wrong, THAT IS THE BETTER CONFIGURATION! but you can use 4.8v and 6100 if you wish to risk it!  Your reply is somewhat harsh sounding and I just hope no one else takes on board your suggestions! @ Timbo the moderator.  
  3. Please can you include me in this competition.. Thanks very much..
  4. As I have a bit more experience since when I started this thread I can safely suggested the following:  1) If using 2.4Ghx make sure you use a 6V RX battery pack!  2) If using spektrum RX, make sure its atleast a AR6200 not a 6100/e  3) Buy a Battery checker from a place like SM Services that give you a voltage reading under load (to simulate servo load).. And actually use it before thinking about taking off...  My initial problem at the start of the thread was nothing to do with my RX or TX but infact the main wing seperating from the fuse slightly...  We're still not sure how this is happening but possibly due to air getting inside the fuse and not escaping..  This only ever happened when going really fast! I'm now looking to buy another plane for next season as I feel pretty confident with my trainer! Thanks guys..  Matt M
  5. Hi Guys,  Yeh sure, I purchased the bracket and spindles from Moor Models in Croxley Green.  http://www.moormodels.co.uk  I also purchased my Boomerang from their for just £38 !!  I think the U/C was about £6 ish and the Spindles were £5.  I believe they do postage too so just give them a bell and I'm sure they will help you out, they are nice  folks in there!  Cheers,  Matt
  6. Hi guys, I hope this is the right area for posting this but I wanted to share with you how I converted my Boomerang to a Tail Dragger. I find it much nicer to land, although its a little bouncy due to my hard landings but at least I do not get any bent nose wheels. As you can see there is no tail wheel, just a piece of original U/C bent into shape. There is a piece of ply held on by Epoxy glue and there is a 90 degree bend which goes into the ply to stop the tail piece moving. I also had to removethe fuel tank and epoxy a small rectangle shape of ply inside the fuse where the new U/C will be bolted onto. The U/C is now held on with 3 bolts going through the U/C, Fuse and then through the Ply wood. Seems very sturdy. Ive had about 10 flights, very hard landing and has not damaged at all. Cost to change, about 10 pound. Parts included: U/C Bracket Spindles Small piece of PLY Epoxy Glue (I used 5 minute) Wheels, just used original wheels Thanks,
  7. Hi Guys, Just to update you on on todays flying.  I have about 10 flights today, weather was spot on here! I had not one glitch but I did replicate the problem, slightly.  I simply gave alot of power while coming out of an intentional loop, it carried on looping.  I think that I proved that the bands were the cause. The testing that I done today were with 6 bands on but I now realise that I must not power out of the loop, dont think its built for that. Other than putting 6 bands on I also changed the elevator servo for the throttle servo.  There were no "known" thottle issues in any of the flights. I also converted from a trike to tail dragger, much better! So, I think that the main cause of this issue was the main wing coming apart from the fuse under stress. Cheers to all those that made suggestions.  Matt
  8. ah yeh, I meant full travel that the servo is capable of doing.  My rates are set on mine so I cannot go full travel of the servo with the tx with rates on.  Although when it glitched (or what ever happened) it appeared to actually full servo travel.  I'll report back if I get her up in the air on sunday.. cheers
  9. When you lost signal and the elevator remaining in the same position was it at full throw? or was it part was through the full travel?  I only ask this as my issue seemed to have made the servo go full travel causing the snap loop I experienced. Thanks
  10. I just got their number from the uk website..  I hope its allowed to post numbers on here, sorry if its not! 01279 641097  Let me know if you speak to them and what they say, if you get the same guy as me he may say thats two in one week! Then again, if its a known problem he might not say anything.  Thanks,
  11. I'm just converting my Boomerang to a tail dragger so if its done in time for Sunday morning I will fly again Sunday morning as weather looks nice for then.. Well hear in Tring it does anyhow.. My DX6i came with my Blade 400 and I purchased the AR6200 sperately. I spoke to a few model shops and Horizon Hobby.  None of them have ever heard of a problem like it and all dont think its the radio gear.  HH said I could send the radio gear back to them to check it so I may think about doing that if it happens again.  Assuming I have a plane left in one piece after it happens again!
  12. Which receiver are you using Yorkman and did you send your radio gear to Horizon Hobby to check it out?
  13. I see that Brown Out is being discussed but could a brown out initiate a snap loop and then give back control when the loop is over?  What I mean is, the effect is mega over sensitive up elevator to cause a loop while trying to climb and a sharp bank when trying to bank gradually. The best I can describe this problem is that its like the elevator is sometimes normal and sometimes, only for split second, well over sensative.  I checked that bands last night, and with 4 bands on its pretty darn tight on there but if I hold the fuse and push down on once side of the main wing it will lift away from the fuse. Even with 6 bands on I can still make it move away slightly. Here's what I propose to do before my next flight. 1) Change the elevator servo for the throttle servo (dont have any spare atm) 2) Use 6 bands instead of 4 3) Move Main RX away from Servos ( Should I do this? the Antennas are 2 or 3 cm away from the thorttle and rudder servo) 4) Any other suggestions? Thanks to all for your help and suggestions, its really appreciated! Matt
  14. Thanks Bruce...  In a way, I really want this to be the problem!  Then I can relax about it being anything electrical or mechanical. Hey Bruce, slilghtly off topic so you might want to PM but have you made your Boomerang into a Tail Dragger?  I keep bending the dam nose wheel on mine and the guys at the club keep telling me to tail drag it! Gonna buy a undercarriage this weekend.  Cheers,  Matt
  15. Snap-Loop, that sounds more like a better description of the problem!  I will defaintely take a look at this.   Tonight I will put the four bands I used back on the plane and see if I can get it to seperate.. Something else which is now making me think along these lines is that when I did perform some large loops, on purpose of course, when I come round the bottom of the loop to level out the plane seemed to want to loop up again on its own. Therefore it wasnt a smooth loop.  Hope that makes sense! Definately going to check the bands tonight! Any other thoughts anyone?  Thanks, Matt
  16. Hi guys,  Thanks very much for the replies, I was waiting for a few replies before I answer the questions raised. 1) Are the Receivers at 90 degress to each other?  Yes, the main receiver is horizontal on the servo tray and the remote rx is vertical on the side of the fuse.  The antennas of the main rx are about 2cm away from the nearest servo (wonder if there is servo noise?) 2) Is the plane properly trimmed and CG? Yes, the plane has flown a few times with nearly always great flights but when these problems occur they dissapear as quickly as it appears. 3) Have I performed a range check? Yes, While in range check mode on the TX I can get to about 30 ish paces before the plane stops responding to control inputs 4) Have I used the same DX6i with another model/rx? Yes, I have a foamy profile plane with a AR6100e installed, I have never noticed issues with that but then again, I havnt flown that plane since having these current issues. 5) Did I have a brownout / flashing LEDS? Ok, I cant be sure on this because after I landed the plane after the last issue the person who retrieved that plane turned the switch off before bringing to the pits. 6) Battery pack condition etc I use a 6V battery pack (Instant Technology) and I have an onboard voltage monitor made by SM Services.  This has two leds, one green and one red.  Before and After the flight the green light stayed  on without any red flicker while moving all of the servos. I also used an external battery checker made by SM services which has a high load setting, the battery dropped to 6.1v under hi load on the checker (after the flight). 7) Am I using extension leads? Yes, but only on the Ailerons, the Elevator servo is connected directly to the AR6200 RX 8) Main switch Same main switch from my first plane that lost total control (suspected dead cel in battery).  I will now measure the voltage the other side of the switch/ replace it! Something else that I have thought of is that while I was banking, i.e turning left for example I give a little up elavator by pulling back on the stick.  What I noticed is a couple of time the plane banked very sharply/quickly.  This could also be related to the same problem as my un-intentional loops. I do currently run with dual rates, set very low for my trainer.  The loop that was performed (when glitching or fault occured) was far more tight that I could possibly do on purpose with the current rates set.  The Elevator servo would have had to fully travel to get that kind of loop etc/ I must also add that the plane never stuck that way after the glitch/issue.  Using the control I could level her out again. I suppose it was like that elevator control became mega mega sensitive for a split second. The other thing that I thought of was the main wing.  I am using a Seagul Boomerang which I think is a great plane but the wings are held on by bands. I replaced the original bands that came with it for the big thick white bands.  I have been using 4 bands to secure the main wing. Firstly, one either side of the fuse going parallel and then two more going criss cross. If the main wing was to slightly lift away from the main fuse, could this simulate up elevator? Thanks for all your help guys!  Matt
  17. Hi all, I wonder if anyone else has had any issue like this: Firstly, I had an Arising Star Trainer fitter with a 4.8v pack, AR6100 receiver using a DX6i.  This plane ended up in a corn field, nose first.  We believe the battery pack failed for this to happen and lost signal. Secondly, which is what I am confused about.  I have a new trainer, Boomerang by Seagul.  I have fitted a new AR6200 and have an fitted a 5 Cell 6v RX pack. All working and flying ok for about 3 flights until momentarily the ailerons stops responding.  Just a short time, literally 1 secod or so and then the plane jilted quickly to turn, i.e the ailerons come back into control. Checked everything over and visually all ok. Another flight yesterday evening, all ok until the plane starts doing loops by itself.  Almost as if I am giving full up elevator quickly.  I have Dual rates set on the DX6i so it should never of been possible to do this.  At the time, I was pulling up very gently to climb but it seemed to pull up so sharply a couple of very tight loops were performed unintentially. Yet again, the controls went back to normal and all seemed ok.  This did happen a couple of time in a previous flight but wasnt severe enough to think there was a fault, maybe a thermal or something kicking the tail down. Landing was ok, ish, coming into land and as i went to flare etc it was too much and climbed again slighty. Now, when we got the plane back to the pits we checked all linkages and rods and all were solid as a rock.  Even the RX pack under load was still 6.1 volts.  The TX battery was at 6v too. We checked all servos and these were all solid and even tried holding the elevator while moving the stick.  There was no slack at all.  So, the question is, is there something wrong with my DX6i or AR6200?  I'm seriously thinking about going backto 35Mhz or changing to Futaba.  Anyone else had simular issues? Thanks, Matt
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