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  1. Oh, and my Blade 400 3d has a 6100 but I would no way fly that as far away as I do my planes with AR6200s..  However, who cares!
  2. My suggestions were for complete peace of mind for myself but each to their own, its your risk! 1) 6v is better than 4.8v, less risk of brown out.  Do you disagree TIMBO? 2) for an extra £10 you get a better receiver which is less likely to go out of range plus it has a second RX which can be positioned to have less risk off a null area. Do you disagree TIMBO?  So, you just had to jump up and slate me down saying I am wrong!  I am not wrong, THAT IS THE BETTER CONFIGURATION! but you can use 4.8v and 6100 if you wish to risk it!  Your reply is somewhat harsh sounding and I just hope no one else takes on board your suggestions! @ Timbo the moderator.  
  3. Please can you include me in this competition.. Thanks very much..
  4. As I have a bit more experience since when I started this thread I can safely suggested the following:  1) If using 2.4Ghx make sure you use a 6V RX battery pack!  2) If using spektrum RX, make sure its atleast a AR6200 not a 6100/e  3) Buy a Battery checker from a place like SM Services that give you a voltage reading under load (to simulate servo load).. And actually use it before thinking about taking off...  My initial problem at the start of the thread was nothing to do with my RX or TX but infact the main wing seperating from the fuse slightly...  We're still not sure how this is happening but possibly due to air getting inside the fuse and not escaping..  This only ever happened when going really fast! I'm now looking to buy another plane for next season as I feel pretty confident with my trainer! Thanks guys..  Matt M
  5. Hi Guys,  Yeh sure, I purchased the bracket and spindles from Moor Models in Croxley Green.  http://www.moormodels.co.uk  I also purchased my Boomerang from their for just £38 !!  I think the U/C was about £6 ish and the Spindles were £5.  I believe they do postage too so just give them a bell and I'm sure they will help you out, they are nice  folks in there!  Cheers,  Matt
  6. Hi guys, I hope this is the right area for posting this but I wanted to share with you how I converted my Boomerang to a Tail Dragger. I find it much nicer to land, although its a little bouncy due to my hard landings but at least I do not get any bent nose wheels. As you can see there is no tail wheel, just a piece of original U/C bent into shape. There is a piece of ply held on by Epoxy glue and there is a 90 degree bend which goes into the ply to stop the tail piece moving. I also had to removethe fuel tank and epoxy a small rectangle shape of ply inside the fuse where the new U/C will be bolted onto. The U/C is now held on with 3 bolts going through the U/C, Fuse and then through the Ply wood. Seems very sturdy. Ive had about 10 flights, very hard landing and has not damaged at all. Cost to change, about 10 pound. Parts included: U/C Bracket Spindles Small piece of PLY Epoxy Glue (I used 5 minute) Wheels, just used original wheels Thanks,
  7. Hi Guys, Just to update you on on todays flying.  I have about 10 flights today, weather was spot on here! I had not one glitch but I did replicate the problem, slightly.  I simply gave alot of power while coming out of an intentional loop, it carried on looping.  I think that I proved that the bands were the cause. The testing that I done today were with 6 bands on but I now realise that I must not power out of the loop, dont think its built for that. Other than putting 6 bands on I also changed the elevator servo for the throttle servo.  There were no "known" thottle issues in any of the flights. I also converted from a trike to tail dragger, much better! So, I think that the main cause of this issue was the main wing coming apart from the fuse under stress. Cheers to all those that made suggestions.  Matt
  8. ah yeh, I meant full travel that the servo is capable of doing.  My rates are set on mine so I cannot go full travel of the servo with the tx with rates on.  Although when it glitched (or what ever happened) it appeared to actually full servo travel.  I'll report back if I get her up in the air on sunday.. cheers
  9. When you lost signal and the elevator remaining in the same position was it at full throw? or was it part was through the full travel?  I only ask this as my issue seemed to have made the servo go full travel causing the snap loop I experienced. Thanks
  10. I just got their number from the uk website..  I hope its allowed to post numbers on here, sorry if its not! 01279 641097  Let me know if you speak to them and what they say, if you get the same guy as me he may say thats two in one week! Then again, if its a known problem he might not say anything.  Thanks,
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