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  1. Hi Roger, Many thanks for the photos and other information, very useful stuff. I will probably start off trying the slot idea first, I can't see it getting quite as hot in Cheshire as Dubai! I will route take the crankcase breather tube out one of the slots as you suggest, it will save gunking up the cowl. I mamaged to get the flaps and ailerons set up last night, so it just leaves the retrac' servo - I saved the tricky one until last. The cowl is all ready apart from the cooling vents so that shouldn't take too long now. I hope that the club BBQ goes well, just don't burn the sausages!  Thanks once again for all your help. Best regards, Cliff
  2. Hi Roger, It's a good job I'm not the jealous type  The field sounds spectacular, I would never go home if I was you! I will send you my email address in a PM for the photos, many thanks for your help, much appreciated. Best regards, Cliff 
  3. Hi Roger, Many thanks for the reply, very useful information indeed, particularly the landing info'.  I haven't flown the beast yet, I'm not in any rush to finish it because the weather has been, how can I put this, "less kind" than the type that you are enjoying in Dubai The pictures will be much appreciated as well, I was actually hoping that someone might have pictures of one already completed and tested as Eric suggested earlier in the thread. I hope that you had a good day flying today.   Thanks again and best regards, Cliff
  4. At the risk of going away on a tangent, you must see this for a laugh.... http://www.spam.com/ (Yes really,) it's even got a Spam fan club. It doesn't mention if the tins are OK for petrol or glow fuel though!
  5. Thanks Bruce, A few other people have mentioned that it flys really well - can't wait! The RCV 91 will fit inside the cowl, so I am worried about the hot waste air getting out - I might have to get the drill out. BTW Has your son had any problems with the retrac's? The article that I read mentioned a potential problem with them. Cheers, Cliff
  6. Hi Eric, Many thanks for that, I suppose I could drill a series of holes at the bottom rear of the cowl where you suggest. The engine will be inverted, and the cooling intake at the front is at the bottom and quite wide, so the air should flow around the cylinder and exit at the holes with a bit of luck. I will hang on in case someone has already done one as you say - there's not any immediate rush to do the cowl. I've got a few other things I can be getting on with, (and it's not exactly good flying weather is it?) Can't see the windsock anymore, it just blew away.........  Best regards, Cliff
  7. Hello Guys, I am half way through assembling an ARTF World Models Mustang P-51 60. I decided on it after reading a good review by Alex Whittaker, he used an RCV 91 engine as it could be totally enclosed without cutting the cowl.  This sounded like a great idea, so I got the same engine, but I have been worrying about the lack of cooling. There is a fairly large hole behind the prop' but no exit for the hot air. I was thinking of drilling out the dummy exhaust pipes, but I have a feeling that this won't be nearly enough. Has anyone had any ideas about cooling the motor without doing to much cowl bashing? I don't fancy seizing the engine on its first outing. Cheers, Cliff
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