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  1. Once again thank you all for all your help. I am trying a variety of colour schemes to see which work the best. Thanks again, Dave.
  2. Can anyone please tell me what is the best paint for EPO foam. Or the best way to decorate a plane so that I can see it. Regards Dave.
  3. I am thinking of building a Folland Gnat from the plan in RCME. The 70mm edf 33inch version. I'm not very good at calculating how much balsa etc. I will need. Has anyone got a shopping list for this. It would be much appreciated. Dave.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input, and of course the humour. The plane will be flown high so that I can't see the battle scars. Regards Dave.
  5. I have had some mishaps with my Tundra. I have repaired it but it still looks a mess. What can I cover it with to make it look respectable again?
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