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  1. I have the plan and cowl, spats etc for a Duncan Huttson Pitts which I picked up at the Nats a couple of years back. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had put one together and what they thought about it? I do have a larger Pitts, however it takes an age to rig and this one would fit in the car ready to go. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm hoping someone might be reading this and have the larger of the two Peterborough Models Tucanos. I bought one a few years back but due to work and time never got round to starting it. The wings and tail are all glassed, retracts installed but on mating the stab and wing to the fuselage the incidence looks a long way from what I'd expect when I've popped my Robart incidence meter on. Sadly there is no mention of incidence in the 'manual' and PMC have now gone West. Anyone who can help, I'd be very grateful as I want to see the model fly not on my bench! Thanks in advance.
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