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  1. Hi all ,busy building a Dancing Wings Storch ,total newcomer to electric .Motor suggested is a Turnigy SK3 3536 1050 but no info on speed controller or battery size any suggestions gratefully accepted.
  2. Where would i get a valve spring for a old Lazer 75 engine,thanks
  3. Thanks for the info ,i had a set of electric retracts that lasted one landing ,will try the dolly ,cheers
  4. Hi all ,quick question .Is it possible to make a take off dolly for A 90 Size Blackhorse P-40 as i have given up on the useless retracts,cheers .
  5. Thanks everyone think I'll go with the savox ones ,cheers all .
  6. Hi Jon ,the 148s won't fit ,have gone down the servo in each wing route !
  7. Cheers folks ,yes they have to be about the same size ,disposed of old ones so looking for complete replacements ,thanks
  8. Hi,looking for suggestions about suitable wing servos for my Flair Baronette ,have tried hitec HS 81s but they have failed ,thanks
  9. Hi there Managed to keep dihedral, though rods arn't as far into wings as wanted ,amount of dihedral restricting how far they would go.Will be easier to attatch wings separately keeping struts bolted to top wing permanently.Still needs resheeting around centre section and new covering all round.Cheers.
  10. Hi Roger I have been busy ,i sawed the wings top and bottom into three seperate pieces,the centre sections are then attached to the normal mounting points. I then made brown paper tubes formed around aluminium rods and glued them into all the wing sections .The rods are passed through the centre section then the wings are attached to them,hope this makes sense ,will post some pics shortly,cheers . Hi Roger
  11. Not sure about cutting fuz in half,just looking for the method of joining the made up wings to the central wing on the fuselage if that makes sense,
  12. Hi all.I have had a flair brisfit for some time, flown once but major pain to rig.Looking to get some help trying to convert to a plug in wing configuration if at all possible ,many thanks
  13. Thanks Terry, i found out that it they are 6ba ,cheers
  14. Hi all ,could someone tell me the size of the bolts used on the flair bristolfighter kit ,they retain the fuselage and wing struts,cheers
  15. Just been given a old bipablast model. Gonna do it up and get it flying after many years , anyone know the c of g , and it has a broken canopy any suggestions cheers !
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