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  1. Sorry, don't have that one.
  2. Mike Smart plan set DH 87B HORNET MOTH - 1/5 scale. 77"span. Power 0.60 to 0.91. Brand new plan set with instruction. Never used. Bought a few years ago but since moving to a smaller house have no room to build a model this size anymore. £15 with free shipping in mainland UK.
  3. Cleaning out my 50 years of modelling stuff. I have a few books available. 1. Fokker DVII aces of WW1 part 1.......£10 + £2.50 shipping 2. Fokker DVII aces of WW1 part 2......£10+ £2.50 shipping both books like new condition £18.00 for both together with free shipping in mainland UK. World encyclopedia of Aero Engines by Bill Gunston. Excellent condition £24 with free shipping in mainland UK. Janes fighting aircraft of WW1. excellent condition. £10 with free shipping in mainland UK. Aircraft blueprints and how to read them Older book fair condition. Published 1942. £10 with free shipping in mainland UK.
  4. Brand new Pat Trittle designed Dumas kit of the Ercoupe. 36" span. Box has only been opened to check out the kit when I bought it a few years ago. All laser cut parts, plus plans etc. £75 which includes free shipping in mainland UK.
  5. Following up - I downloaded acrobat and printed the plan out in tile mode from the files I received as mentioned above - worked out perfectly. Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks KC. Yes, trying to avoid spending 19.95 never mind 90!
  7. Looking for a set of plans for Peter Rakes SE5a model of 36" span. They were a free pull out in the July 2007 issue of Flying Scale Models. I know I can download them from other websites but I would rather have in hand the original issued plans,
  8. Nice Scout. I have all the references and plans etc you mention , plus more, so another Scout will be built. Here's some photos of my Peter Rake designed Scout. I flew this model for years and put many hours on it. A couple of years ago it was "shot down" by someone switching on their radio without checking on frequencies . We were both using pre 2.4g systems.
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