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  1. You're a real skilled builder Cliff and you'd knock one of these out in a hour! I look forward to seeing the results.
  2. Thanks for the comments. A single should be easy to build Ian. Did ypu see my original build video? My first was a bit over built as I said in the video and not exactly tidy! It's fun and the parts are cheap. 5 gms or 9 gms sevos £3 each, speed controller maybe £10, motor £10 , glider £7 from Wish glider is the same thing, as you won't get a Lidl now till next year. Give it a go! **LINK** F82 Mmm. Now there's an idea, though I'm thinking the next will be a biplane!
  3. And I know the prop shown was facing the wrong way! It wasn't fitted, it was loose. I have fitted a 5045 facing the right way now!
  4. My 4th Lidl RC conversion build blog. I've made two single engined. One twin engined and now a twin boom pusher version! I've tested it briefly with the motor in the video, Turnigy D2205 , a 3 blade 5045 and 3s 1300mA lipo and it screams. I think it looks great too!
  5. A while back I made a video showing how I'd made a 'nose' for a Flight Test Versa, foamboard wing. When the Versa is in pusher configuration it can be difficult to achieve the CoG. Plus I'd added an u/c as I find wings hard to hand launch. Well I finally maidened it the other day. It flew like a beast (prop was way too big) and I very nearly destroyed it! Plus my little FT Mini Scout had it's brief maiden!
  6. I came up with an idea for making a very cheap (free) quick and easy bubble cockpit canopy. Please check it out! Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/04/2020 17:26:23
  7. Great fun Cliff, and I did the same with the old Airfix models too! Let's face it the Reds play with model Hawks when they are rehearsing manoeuvres, but no machine gun noises.
  8. Successful maiden (eventually   of my TWIN engined cheapo Lidl (£8) glider RC conversion. (Actually the Wish version of the glider. Same thing really.) After a bit of trimming it was flying like a dream. I set up the props contra-rotating but it was pulling very hard left as you can see in the video. At first I thought maybe my matched motors weren't pulling with equal power, but then realised if that was the case, when it was powered off and gliding having trimmed it right it would then be pulling the other way. Might just be that an £8 foam glider has a few twists though it looks pretty true? At the end of the day, I don't care, it was great to fly! The twin build video, parts list etc are all listed on the video.
  9. Thanks Cliff. I'll be happy if it flies! But yes, I think with two of those little motors there should be enough power. Wish the weather would improve, I have 3 new builds ready to maiden now!
  10. Easy build and it's been a marathon edit, but here is my very detailed build blog for a Lidl cheapo foam glider twin-engined power rc conversion. AUW 260 gms with 1000mA 2s. As yet unflown due to weather, but seems enough power there and CoG is good, so we will see? It looks nice anyway Subscribe to see the (hopefully successful?) maiden! You might take me to the 5K subscribers on my channel
  11. Thanks Cliff, I'm very happy with it!
  12. A while back I posted a video, don't lose that model, about fitting model finders. Here's my part two, failsafe settings, especially for those new to this 2.4 ghz stuff (like I was!)  A link to the Flysky transmitter is on the YT video eo. Edited By Bonzo Moon on 20/02/2020 17:57:31
  13. Thanks Dick, I worked out how to programme models, set up new models etc. but haven't fully explored the manual yet. I'll check. cheers.
  14. Update. I just Googled. Don't think I need to worry with ia6 or ia6B 600 mtrs should be OK. **LINK** Tests I have seen is iA6 = 600 meters. iA6B = 1800-2000 meters. Been past 1600 meters myself on a few occasions (X6B which is almost the same as iA6B, but smaller form factor)
  15. Question 2. How do you do a good range check with 2.4 ghz? With 35 mhz I would just not extend the tx antenna, you don't have that option with 2.4?
  16. Thanks for the comments. As you may have seen in my OP I'm finally , after a good few years on 35 mhz, going into the 20 century with 2.4 ghz and that Flysky rx. so I',m in the process of updating all my rc planes. Your observations are interesting Mike. I bought some ia6 rx and some ia6B rx and I was a bit curious as to what the difference was apart from price. . As we fly LOS anyway, realistically is the possible range difference you mention of huge importance Mike? If it's about noise, provided the antenna are positioned OK can I expect to be able to fly models as well as my eyesight permits. ie What exactly does 'park fly' mean? I've always assumed it meant very small lightweight models. I guess the bigger the model you can afford to fly it further as you can still see the profile etc. My biggest is a WOT4 and I'm CAA BMFA legit too as it happens!
  17. Are you having a bad day or something? I can't be bothered to go through all the posts on other groups and cut and paste all the positive comments I got about this TX. I have more important things to do today like watching paint dry. And perhaps I should have said A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE USING THIS CHEAP AND NASTY BIT OF CHINESE JUNK If it's shipped from a UK or EU source to  the UK YOU DON'T PAY DUTY OR CUSTOM FEES. As you appear to be so keen on me proving how many people do trust and use this Chinese rubbish maybe you'd be kind enough to give me evidence of people paying duty or taxes on goods shipped to the UK from EU or UK warehouses. That would be very interesting. GOOGLE IT. Do I pay duty on goods from EU? There are no customs duties to be paid when buying goods coming from within the European Union. Can't be   ....ed with this anymore.       Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:01:43 Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:02:54 Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:03:19 Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:07:56 Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:18:23 Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 17:33:38
  18. Incidentally all of the flyers on other forums I posted my video link on were all all absolutely without exception full of praise for this FlySky tx. The fact that it says park fly means nothing. The people that write the web page blurb are Chinese. Edited By Bonzo Moon on 15/02/2020 14:44:11
  19. Thanks Flight 1, I know this kit is OK and half the modelling world are using them as far as my research goes. KC, most of the big Chinese distributors have UK , USA and EU warehouses now as it happens and when you order where possible they ask which warehouse you want it to come from. I think the web sites know what region your web connection has come from and they show appropriate links. When I click on that link it doesn't come up with ES it comes up with ... In stock. Processing time:3 business days Free shipping via EU Priority Line Shipping time:7-15 business days Try finding anything electronic nowadays that hasn't come from China. They know the rules! Anyway, as it happens I actually bought mine from this link below. It says UK stock but the paypal name etc was Chinese anyway, and it probably came from a Chinese EU. warehouse I put the Banggood link above as their deal was even better but it was Chinese Spring Bank holiday when I ordered and post was delayed. But I read reviews and I research before buying. I know for example you can have probs with cheap Chinese phones as they don't talk to Google. But also, I have reviewed over 50 action cameras on my YouTube channel and have quite a lot of comms and dealings with Chinese companies direct! **LINK**
  20. It does have the CE mark and it's not new, it's been around 3 or 4 years. I posted on BMFA Facebook group and discovered that numerous people are using this tx and rx and are very happy with it.
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