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  1. A rare decent day on the slope allowed for the completion of this video after many, many wet and windy months... https://youtu.be/KlAjpL-4EgY?si=rSiTrdZjlPnUU4q_
  2. As featured in the current Scale Gliding column...
  3. The weather finally relented enough to make this video of a much-modelled motorglider
  4. Interesting stuff... Look forward to a flying report
  5. The sleek F4 takes to the skies...
  6. More fun with the tiddlers...
  7. As good if not better than spoilers alone, but of course not as good as spoilers and ailerons together...
  8. As the AMT section is NACA 009, which is symmetrical, both AMT halves are identical, allowing for variations in any hand-built structure. I don't seem to have many pics of the process for the Petrel, but here's one from the 1/4 scale Rhonadler, which is identical. As you can see, once the root and tip ribs are in place, followed by the TE, you can eye up the TE to see that it is parallel, before fitting the remaining ribs off the board...
  9. One of the most useful of tools in my bijou workshop is the long, flat sanding block. A sheet of 5 or 6mm balsa with 40 grit on one side and 80 grit on t'other. This is ideal for the task of sanding down the aileron spar on a wing and rendering it flush with the ribs. You needn't worry too much about slightly re-profiling the wing ribs: if they've been cut by hand (as mine always are) this will smooth out the inevitable slight differences...
  10. As Engineering & I have zero in common, I outsource this job to my pal Smallpiece... He tells me he gets Silver Steel rod in the required diameter from E-bay...
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