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  1. I just built my own Slite V2, maidened it today with no drama. I wish I'd found this thread before the build as it would have saved me some head scratching over a few details, the photos in the (German) build instructions are tiny and hard to make out. Only thing i changed was I lengthened the tail boom slightly, as to my eye it looked a bit short coupled. I used a 95mm offcut of wing spar tube and a joining sleeve from some tapered carbon tube I had in my spares box. The longer boom means more tail volume so allows a more rearward CG (83mm from LE) so I dont think it needed any more weight than normal to balance.
  2. Sorry to bump an ancient thread but I just picked up this kit. Just looked over the plans and it all seems nice and straightforward enough build, except maybe the battery hatch will need some creative thinking. Am I right that the original battery install needed the wing to come off to remove the battery? The other thing that I noticed is the CG position appears to be WAY far forward. I've not done a calculation of where it should be yet but the layout of the model is very conventional with a decent size horizontal stab, so I'd expect a CG in the 30% root chord ballpark. As shown on the plan it's more in the 15-20% range (more the CG position for a tailless model). CoG this far forward (as well as making the model likely to run out of elevator at low speed and land too fast) will make it hard to balance with a sensible size LiPo. Anyone who has built and flown the Yak have any comments?
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