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  1. Hi All. Does anybody happen to have a set of plans for a Duncan Hutson models Starburst ? Have a complete kit minus the plan 😕 Cheers John
  2. Thanks for the responses chaps. Have a fair idea of where to go with this and will ignore the spoilers. My flying abilities are not up to making the best out of this bird, but intend to grow into it 😁. Next stop is retracts and getting the engine up and running on a test stand with the pipe. I will post a few pictures when I get 5 minutes, currently minus the tunnel as I have not made one yet. Cheers John
  3. Thank you for the replies. Sadly there are no 3003s left in the shops, only 2nd hand. For £8 they were great and a lot cheaper than their replacement 😃. I will have a butchers about and see what is in the offering in the "reasonable price" range of digi servos. Has anybody ever fitted the spoilers to the Arrow ? I see them on the plan, but cant really think of a reason for them except some weird manoeuvres. Cheers John
  4. Hi Folks, Currently building my first pattern plane (Wolfgang Matt Arrow) and am wondering what servos you folks would recommend. Is it worth splurging out on the latest and greatest brushless monster or would something like a Futaba 3003 suffice ? I have seen that Futaba produces low profile servos specifically for pattern planes, are they worth the additional cost ? Cheers John
  5. Thanks to all for the welcomes. I am in north Hampshire. There are a few clubs about that I know of (or knew of). Reading, Basingstoke and a small one near Kingsclere. I just need to find out if any are open for memberships :D. I used to fly at Reading and Chobham periodically, but have since moved. Cheers John
  6. Hi All, Long time lurker, I have decided to join the forum as I get back into the hobby. I was a worker for Hobbystores for a good number of years and had far to many planes. When that went south, my new job allowed little time for toys (precision models 😄 ). Decided to get back into things by building a trainer and look for a local club. Also building something a bit more interesting in the background. Surprised to see how much has changed in the last 6 years. So many brands have vanished and the price increases are a bit mad in places. Still, Have my stash of models to build. Onwards and upwards. Cheerio John
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