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  1. Does anyone know the size / thread of the bolts for the cylinder head. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, It is the 40 size, 65" span and actual weight 6.25 Lbs. Hope this helps
  3. Hi, I have just acquired a Top Flite Elder which has never had any power unit fitted to it and I was wondering if anyone had converted one to electric and could recommend a suitable electric set up for it. Thanks
  4. Hi there, What yellow covering is the nearest match to the yellow on the Wot range of models? Any info. appreciated I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answer. Thanks.
  5. Thanks very much for the info, I have been on holiday with no internet access so apologies for the late reply. Bill
  6. Has anyone fitted an Evo 15cc petrol engine to an Acro Wot. and if so what was the resulting combination like to fly? I have a spare Evo 15cc and any suggestions about a model for it appreciated. Possibly an Ugly Stik or similar? Nothing complicated to assemble as I am thinking of a winter model. Cheers
  7. I have got the Top Flite Cessna 182 ARTF and I am looking for thoughts on the engine to use. I have an Evo 15cc petrol, an Evo 20cc petrol and an OS 91 FS available. Has any one used any of these in this model and how did it perform? Looking for scale performance Thanks for any info.
  8. Thanks all for the replies. I think I will try to solder it myself and then use it in a boat. Mode sailing yachts, 4 mph on a good day and as our local pond is only 18" deep no great harm can happen. Probably best not in a half decent plane!
  9. Hi, Is it possible to have the antennae on Spektrum Rx's reattached and is there somewhere that you can get it done? I have 2 which have broken where they exit the case. I see in old posts that people use heatshrink or glue to strengthen them and I shall do this with the other Rx's. All help appreciated.
  10. Hi, I am covering an Apache Aviation Chipmunk which I have just built and I am going with the RCAF colour scheme (all Cub Yellow). I am using Cub Yellow Glosstex, have finished the wings etc, and all is very good. On starting the body however all joints are showing through the covering. For instance, where the tab of the bulkheads comes through the side, this shows through, as do any joints in the sheeting, even the grain of the wood is showing. It has been prepared pretty well and all joints are smooth to the touch Has anyone had experience of this and found a solution? Out of interest I applied red and silver test pieces to the worst bits and nothing shows through. My thoughts are, paint the body with an undercoat before covering, but would the undercoat be affected by the heat of the iron, paint the glosstex after covering or possibly try Profilm. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, I have an Evo 15 cc, an original one which relies on exhaust pressure, like a glow motor, to get the fuel to the engine. I have had the engine a while but have only just started trying to use it. The problem is that it runs well for a few minutes and then the tube from the exhaust melts, or softens, and falls off including the tubing supplied with the engine. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?
  12. Hi, has anyone electrified the Wot 4 XL. I am new to electrics and was thinking of electrifying my Wot4 XL. Any info would be greatly appreciated. e.g. size of motor, ESC, prop, battery and flight times. Thanks
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