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  1. thanks everyone. Diacov looks just the ticket. Strong, light ,easy to apply and no sagging in hot weather (Fat chance at the moment). AND AVAILABLE !!!
  2. Evening all. I am trying to locate a UK stockist of SIG Koverall but without any success so far. I have heard good things about its properties but finding it is another matter. Does anyone know of a lesser known stockist ? If not, can anyone suggest another product that is similar. I am looking to cover the rear fuselage of a Brian Taylor Hurricane so i am looking for a robust covering that wont suffer like SolarTex on hot days and offers some strength to the structure without any sagging/bubbling. Any suggestions appreciated Rich
  3. Thanks to everyone who has replied. i have had a look at the flytron kit and it looks just the thing. i definitely need 'plug n play' type lighting because while my building and engine tuning skill are good, my knowledge of electronics suck !
  4. Hi all. i am looking to put red/green nav lights into a model i am putting together but have a limited knowledge of electronics. I have seen Hobbyking do various pre wired led sets but there is nothing in the specs to indicate a working voltage or if any resistors etc are required. see this link - Hobbyking LED has anyone used them, know the voltage and how bright they are ? also how hot do they get .. i dont want to melt the plastic wing tip lenses any guidance appreciated Rich
  5. Afternoon all. I am currently using my trusty Futaba T9ZAP with a 2.4 module to run all my models with FASST rx's. I am considering treating myself to a new Futaba Transmitter but it needs to be FASST as i am not changing all my current models receivers. What is everyone running and how easy to get on with ? cheers in advance Richard
  6. WE HAVE A WINNER !!!! the Hild Marshonet it is ! thanks to Steve and Martin
  7. Hi Martin nice idea but i am positive it had obviously well swept wing sets - very odd looking thing
  8. now this might be a long shot but i am trying to find out the name of a model that was a magazine feature some years ago. It was a vintage style bi plane with a forward swept bottom wing and rear swept top wings. I seem to remember it was a real fullsize design circa 1920's ? extensive internet searches have not revealed it - can anyone shed any light ?
  9. a local family has donated their late fathers models to our club but i wanted to find out what they were, age, etc. the solar film covered one is a 2 channel model while the other is a free flight bungee launch with a mechanism to activate a small rudder as the bungee releases. any help/info appreciated. (oh and if someone can shed light on the purpose of the metal hooks on the top of the tailplane...they are puzzling me) cheers Richard
  10. thanks for everyones input. just placed the order for a 2200kv motor and made up a fly lead to connect multimeter in line. hopefully all will be fitted and tested in a couple of days and ready for some seaside fun when i go to the coast in a couple of weeks
  11. cheers all for confirmation on the motor. Its currently fitted with a Turnigy 40 amp ESC. with regard to test current draw, i was going to make up a lead to connect my multimeter to the model - do i just need to connect in line on one of the 3 motor leads or does it go between battery and ESC ? once i know the amperage draw x by 11.1 v gives me the watts - what margin is safe on a 40amp ESC ?
  12. cheers guys, clearly the guff i read about 15,000rpm for outrunners is tosh ! i have found a higher Kv motor - could you advise if you think this might suit - i dont want to spend a fortune on a motor for what is a fun fly model for me this one seems a bit shorter than stock so i would need to space it out or shorten cowl **LINK**   Rich   Edited By richard cohen on 31/07/2016 19:45:40
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