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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly, I am using the term laminating film as a generic term, whereas it really should be called encapsulating film! It has been suggested that I start another thread specifically related to laminating film and in particular for those who want smaller quantities than that commonly sold. Having said that it could also be used as a thread for all things relating to laminating film as there is quite a bit of interest in this alternative covering material and there are a few of us who have had experience using it and can pass on tips to help those who have never used it before. One of the hurdles faced when thinking of using laminating film is the quantities that it is usually supplied in, commonly minimum roll lengths of 75m! So I have ordered 150m of it and am happy to cut this to length for fellow members. I've gone for the 38 micron thickness as that is, IMO, a good all round thickness that can be used on models 600mm WS upwards. When I bought my first lot (I shared the purchase with a fellow club member) it was in a roll approximately 300mm wide and whilst this is fine for smaller models when it came to the larger ones with a wider chord it meant a joint along the length of the wings. That hasn't been a huge issue as I managed to sand the edges down so they aren't that noticeable but I would rather not have the join at all, so the rolls I've ordered are 615mm wide. My original film was with a gloss finish which meant that I had to key the surface with fine sandpaper before I painted it. Again its not a big issue and there is an advantage in carrying out this exercise as it highlights (with ripples and bubbles) areas that haven't stuck down! Once again to help get over this the lam film's finish is ultra matt which should require very little prep before painting. So, in summary, I have 150m x 615mm wide rolls of 38 micron, ultra matt lam film on its way to me (I will post on here when I have received it). Other than the cost of packaging and postage I will not be adding anything to the cost, so it will work out at £0.58 / m. You can order as much or as little as you want and payment for it will be through PayPal (you pay their charges or pay as 'gift') or through bank transfer. Payment details will be dealt with through the PM part of this forum. Any questions please do ask. I'll trawl through the other threads and try and pick up all those who have already expressed an interest.
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