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4.8 v or 6 v receiver battery


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17 hours ago, Tomcat999 said:

My Spektrum 4.8v Rx battery has 3 wires. The only replacement I found is 2 wire. Will 2 wire work okay, or do I need 3 wire???

You will almost certainly find that only two of the three wires are actually connected! Modern radios only need two wires from the battery to actually function (+ and -). However, adding a third wire - even if it's not connected - can make the plug physically more resilient, as the load applied while disconnecting is spread over three rather than two. Actually, you shouldn't pull on the wires to remove the plug anyway, but it can be difficult to remove them if you don't, so we all do it at some time or other!


In days of yore (the 1960s and 70s) some servos required a centre-tapped battery (0v, 2.4v and 4.8v), two cells driving the servo in one direction, and the other two driving it in the reverse direction. They were connected to the receiver by 4-wires, three for the battery and one for the signal. However, servos like that have been obsolete for decades.




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