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Air retract tubing size issue

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Hello all


I've inadvertently ended up with some Robart units (the 1/8" OD tubing, air up/spring down) and some 4mm OD tubing control clobber. The 4mm stuff looks like the black horse clobber (but is some old Eurokit stuff).


I guess I simply need some way to convert between the two tubing sizes - does such a widget exist? 


Clearly the easy option is to buy the Robart control gear bundle, but this seems an expensive answer...

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Never seen such a conversion widgit. To make them, small job on a lathe. Or pillar drill, as they aren’t precision things. Or for the more creative 2 bits of brass tube, slid and soldered together, and the oversize half suck in a drill and sanded to size.

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