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  1. Brilliant thread tony hope it all goes well on Sunday
  2. a bit more work require the modern servos are slightly different in size and wont fit, need to remove the mounts and replace them
  3. not a problem Colin Alan only just confirmed your findings and now youve confirmed his thanks for your input much valued
  4. this morning ive found fixings for the under carriage and fitted a prop.The engine turns over nicely and I need to unseize the carb .It will alo need new servos as the ones fitted are the old type plugs .
  5. Sure enough Alan where the pilot sits is plastic
  6. I recentlu bought this on E Bay but according to an expaert its a Cambrin Pioneer
  7. there 50 sobs now as it gets warmer theyll get cheapper.A lady wife of a club member knits ours for £2.50 On E bay soon slightly worn out
  8. sporting its new cowl.It also has a new silencer
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