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  1. Postscript: The batteries arrived today from China. They are exactly what I was looking for and the very ones to suit my EO26 B2 bomber. If anyone else is searching for these, the key is V17 battery. Thanks again to Caveman!! All set for indoor flying on Sunday. Colin
  2. Thanks to everybody that has posted to help me. I cant find any way to open the case to allow me to just replace the cell but Caveman has given me the link that allows me to identify the battery; I am 99% sure this is the very battery I'm after. this has enabled to me to search t'internet and find some suppliers. As you said it's worth a punt, so much so that I've ordered 3 from Amazon. Unusually they are not the cheapest by a long shot but they have the shortest delivery time and they should arrive in time for my next indoor session; also, if they happen not to be the correct item it is very easy to return to Amazon. Thanks again guys, Colin
  3. I am desperately seeking some batteries for my indoor EO26 B2 multirotor - photos attached. The model arrived from China with only one battery and that is now defunct. I love this model for indoor flying but I have totally failed to find a source for the battery or even to identify it; there are no reference markings at all on the case. The supplier has been useless for help. If you happen to have one or more available, I will happily buy them or perhaps you could steer me to a source where I could buy them: shop or internet. Thanks in anticipation of your help. Colin
  4. Thanks leccyflyer. Sorted now that I got on my PC. When using my mobile, the envelope didn't show.
  5. I can't find a way to access PMs, nor have I had an email notification of PM being received. HELP!
  6. Hi Simon, Thanks for your interest. Are you thinking of renovating this sow's ear for your own use or to return to me as a silk purse? Pictures of broken model below. Model details as my original post. Regards, Colin
  7. I've had this Ready2fly DH112 for some years and really enjoyed many flights with it. It is powerful enough to take off easily from grass and perform scale aerobatics. I believe that Ready2fly has been taken over by Freewing. Here are the stats: Wingspan 1500mm Length 1100mm Construction EPO/carbon Flying weight 2500 gm Thrust 2400 gm EDF 90mm Motor 3553-1750kv ESC 80amp brushless speed controller 5amp UBEC Electric Ali retracts Split flaps Servos 9 x 9g high speed micro servos Takes a 6S Lipo Last week, on a rare lovely day, the port wing broke off after takeoff. The damage is surprisingly slight, mainly the wing securing studs and a compressed nose. I'm sure that the model is repairable but I don't feel up to doing it these days. The onboard equipment and radio gear have survived the crash. I'm hoping for some recommendations: I'm not into scratch building, would appreciate ideas for a replacement foamy EDF into which I can mount my gear. If anyone is interested in taking over the remains to renovate, we could come to some arrangement I'm sure.
  8. I should have mentioned that the reason for my post title is that the cost from Banggood is £63.13.
  9. My stock of 6s lipos is beginning to look tired with airborne power reducing after a shorter time these days and my battery checker showing increasing (and very unequal) internal resistance on each cell. I use 4K or 5K mah of 40+ C. These are becoming very expensive. I have searched t'internet for a pocket-friendly solution and have come across: URUAV GRAPHENE 6S 22.2V 5000mAh 100C Lipo Battery XT90 Plug for RC from Banggood. It is a long delivery wait (about a month) but I can live with that as my existing LiPos still perform, albeit more poorly. Has anybody had any experience of these particular batteries or URUAV batteries generally or indeed Graphene? I've no experience of graphene batteries but I understand that they are of superior construction. Thanks for any help. Colin
  10. Thank you for your recommendation David but HK are not showing that battery. I note that a 2S LiFe has a nominal voltage of 6.6v. I don't know whether there is more than one version of the T8FG but I fear that 6.6v will be insufficient. My NiMh reads 8.2v when fully charged and the low battery alarm operates at 6.8v.
  11. I have been using the supplied NiMh battery in my T8FG Tx from new without problems but I want to upgrade to LiPo to extend the intervals between recharging. I know I need a 2S, low discharge rate and with a Futaba plug. The existing NiMh battery measures 134mmx34mmx17mm. I have spent hours searching t'internet without success. Please can someone help me out with a recommendation?
  12. I have two of these engines. They have, generally, performed very well and are incredibly economical. However, both engines have recently had to go back for repair and, in each case, the exhaust valve seat had fallen out of the cylinder head. Had it happened to just one engine, I would have considered myself unlucky but now I wonder whether there is a design/construction fault with these engines. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
  13. I've got this one on my list: I believe that it's the same FlyFly 90mm version, already painted, has sprung oleos and comes preloaded with fan and motor for £110! I'll need to repaint undersides and add decals to create the RAF version. I'll also need electric retracts. The question for you guys: Model details state 5S Lipo needed. Now, I already have a supply of 6S batteries. HK have assured me that 6S will be OK and will fit. Has anybody had experience of 6S with the standard ESC and motor in the kit?
  14. I had the same problem with VAT - Double charged. Initially, I approached HMRC for a refund of UK VAT on the grounds that I had paid Swiss VAT. That didn't work. HMRC confirmed that VAT was due on imports from Switzerland. Then I emailed Ready2fly for refund of Swiss VAT. They agreed to refund to my bank account (should have used PayPal!!). I had to chase again when no refund appeared. Then they told me that the refund was paid 17th September 2012. Nothing in bank account yet! Having spoken to my bank, I emailed R2F 1/10/12 to ask for the name and address of their bank and the date and reference of the transfer. No reply. I emailed them again 17/10/12, still no reply. I am still painting my Venom so I haven't flown it yet but I have been very pleased with the model. I had a minor problem with the nosewheel front door but a bit of fettling with a Dremel soon sorted it out. However, I am becoming increasingly concerned about Ready2Fly as a supplier to do business with. If anybody else is thinking of buying this kit, I recommend that you look for a UK supplier.
  15. I wanted a set of vinyl decals for my model of a DH112 Venom. I had a particular aircraft in mind and so the decals would have to be custom made. My email enquiry was dealt with promptly and efficiently by Tim Calvert. The price that he quoted was far below my expectations so I made the order. Tim provided a top class service, he suggested alternatives and when the order arrived, he had actually made and sent different alternatives so that I could see which one looked best. I have no hesitation at all in recommending this firm. First Class. Thanks Tim. Colin
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