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  1. Agreed, The Corsair will slope and is a proven airframe... (Its on my list to build sometime!) The Yak however would, i fear, only fly once..... downwards!
  2. Sorry for the very poor level of updates on this blog.. It is my downfall not keeping this updated. I will at some point fill in on the missing parts since the last update in March but for now I just wanted to share the following news.. Its Finished! Yes.. after almost 2.5 years of actual building (on & off) it is finished and ready to fly.. I took it with me last weekend to the Lleyn Peninsular however the wind gods didn't play ball so the maiden will have to wait for a blow on the favourred WSW slope on the Gt Orme. Here is a pic taken on Saturday by Phil Cooke. Final Specs.... Wingspan 1.92m (6' 3½" AUW 4.5kg (9.92lbs) Now whats next???
  3. Posted by Flyer on 17/03/2020 22:02:12: Great progress Dave, looks brilliant. Tail fin is the size of most PSS wings !! regards Ade Cheers Ade. Yeah, the fin is a fair size... id say its a smidge smaller than one side of an A4 wing. Similar to the B52 size ones from the Simon Cocker plan.
  4. Posted by Peter Garsden on 18/03/2020 09:28:47: Great progress Dave, well done. Nice detail in cockpit. What scheme are you following? Good luck with the glassing. Having one of the smaller ones, I can see that you have gone for a formed top to the wing rather than solid block as per mine which is a great idea as it will save weight. Are you doing the Andy Blackburn original plan enlarged area wing or the cut down more scale wing which Phil did? I would favour the former as it will perform better in light winds. So we will see it at the Orme in April? Thanks Peter. Not decided on a scheme yet... Will need to look soon though. The 3d printed cockpit parts I designed and printed myself. something else I have been slowly learning to do! I have glassed he fin and elevators so far and hey have turned out okay so fingers crossed it continues on the res of the model.. I'm new to this glassing lark! Originally the spine was a block one but that slipped whilst the glue was drying so had to be removed. I then decided to do the frame version and as you say, it saves a few grams. The wing... apart from the version change from the plan F variety to the GR version, I have decided to keep everything as per the plan. I hear the scale wing needed a bit more of a blow being smaller so the plan wing is being used. These were made to a fantastic standard by the chaps at Cloud Models at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately I wont be at the April meet now. Due to the madness that is Covid19 and my line of work, we are under instruction to minimise risk to ourselves so non essential trips away are culled for now! Obviously I will be assessing each meet in turn on how things are moving along.
  5. Posted by alan p on 18/03/2020 09:51:22: That looks good, gives that its flying standing still feeling. Nice to see some one's workshop looks normal (used not pristine) Thanks Alan. Yep. It does look quite fast even sat still.. Something about jet fighter lines! The workshop is only a mess as I have other stuff in there over winter. its not normally that bad!
  6. How can it be almost a year since my last update? Well to be honest, quite easily! I lost my build mojo last year and then before I knew it it was time for our 2019 Isle of White Caravan Holiday followed by Christmas and another holiday to Turkey in January this year... SO time has literally flown past! Anyway, I have been back at the Tornado in fits and starts and it has moved along considerably. My original plan was to not glass the model..... Yeah yeah... That's changed and it is going to be glassed! This decision was pushed along with the demise of the Solar company meaning Film and Text became rarer and more expensive.. So glass and spraying it will be! Pilots and seats were printed and purchased form fellow PSS member Andy Meade. (I now have my own 3D Printer, courtesy of SWMBO) You will be able to see how things have progressed in the series of pictures below with the last two being taken just an hour ago! I promise to try and update again soon! As always, your comments and observations are always welcome. Dave
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