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  1. Above picture shows the push rods attached to the control surfaces on the Tiger 60.
  2. I used the appropriate size of foam to keep receiver battery and receiver secure.
  3. This was where I positioned my receiver and receiver battery on the Tiger 60.
  4. I wish I could help you out here Toto. But alas I crashed my Tiger 60 on its maiden flight. Still havnt a clue what happened that day, but the plane veered violently to the left upon take off at full throttle and ploughed into the ground. I hope you have better luck with your Tiger 60 as I'm sure you will. It's a beautiful plane. I took a few photos of it during the assembly. Will send you a few if it helps. Cheers and kind regards Aidan
  5. Thanks Toto for your kind words. Two weeks ago it was a very different story. Both myself and the cameraman were nearly eaten alive by swarms of midges in their millions that night. It was remincent of a Hammer Horror film from the 70s, but Aidan didn't bow down to them, he gallantly kept filming on through the invasion and I did my best to keep an eye on the plane lol
  6. Just back from the flying field with the two stroke Calmato. It was dead calm down there tonight and thankfully not a midget in sight lol.
  7. Second flight of the fourstroke Calmato.
  8. Good stuff Toto and happy flying for you this Saturday coming. My attention will not be on flying this Saturday as its the International North West 200 . The world's top road racers are in town and tomorrow and Thursday is practice day, with the first three races taking place on Thursday evening followed by a break on Friday and Saturday is the the main race day with 6 more races. Super Stock, Super Twin and Super Bike etc etc. The speeds those bikes reach are not for the faint hearted and all on public roads. I think if it was me on board a Honda or Ducatti going for a lap around the course at lightning pace I surely would have a laundry problem 😂 lol. I take my hat off to those brave young men who line up on the starting grid hoping for NW200 glory and a place on the podium. The great Joey Dunlop was a hero of mine. My late father supplied pub grub for many years to Joeys Bar in Ballymoney where Joey and his wife ran a very successful business. Sadly Joey is no longer with us but bar is still as popular as ever and still in the hands of the Dunlop family. I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting the great man on many an occasion and he was such a humble and likeable person. His charity work is well known and it was on a trip to Estonia with vital aid for the underprivileged that Joey lost his life. While there he took part in a friendly motor bike race which ended in tragedy. Among his many achievements was 26 victories at the Isle of Man TT. He will be forever remembered. We wish all the riders a safe weekend on the North Coast and that the spectators enjoy the summery weather which has been forecast for the event.
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