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  1. Had the maiden flight yesterday of the Seagull Boomerang and everything went well. Due to bad weather and ill health, I'm just getting round to it now. I'm very pleased with the way it flew and the Saito 62 was a good power match. When I brought it into land, it touched down nicely. The larger wheels made a difference. I'm looking forward to get flying again with it very soon. Thanks for all the advice from you guys on this site. ?
  2. At long last I finally got to maiden flight my new Boomerang today at the field and I wasn't disappointed. It flew as a steady as a rock and came in for a nice smooth landing. The Saito fourstroke just added to the pleasure. I'm glad I bought the Boomerang, it handled the light winds very nicely. I would recommend this trainer to anyone looking for a nice relaxing flight.
  3. Would an OS 52 surpass fourstroke comfortably fly a Wot Trainer without struggling?
  4. I love this thread I have to say. Its great to look back and reminisce about which trainer we trained on. I have fond memories of my first trainer which was kit built back in May 1986. I have to say that I didn't build it, but a very nice man by the name of Sam McCarrol did the honours for me. It was an MFA Yamamoto with an OS 40 two stroke. Sam did a great job as he was a fantastic builder of planes. He is sadly no longer with us but his memory lives on. Even though that was the 1980s, I still love flying my trainers to this day.
  5. Thats a great looking trainer and I'm sure it flys really nice and docile. It's great to see the kids getting involved and taking an interest in the hobby. I have a large trainer plane very similar size with a Saito 72. It's a clone version of the Sig Kadet Senior called The Super Frontier Senior. Its a nice big slow flyer.
  6. I bought this plane back in 1998, the pink one. I had no difficulty seeing it in the sky. I had an OS 40 two stroke on it and it flew very well. It was also very well put together.
  7. Hi David, I totally agree with you on trainers. My new Boomerang 40 artf is still waiting for its maiden flight. I can't wait to fly it as soon as the weather picks up and I get a decent calm day.
  8. I have the Seagull Jumper 25 and your right, it's a great little flyer. I've had it now for 8 years and it's powered with a Saito 40.
  9. Might try one of those props sometime Martin.
  10. Thanks Martin. I normally go with an apc 12x6 on my Saito 62 engines, but on this one I've went with a master airscrew 12x6 k series.
  11. My new Boomerang ready for its maiden flight.
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