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  1. It's such a graceful flyer and really nice covering.
  2. I see a Phoenix Rainbow there. Its a beautiful plane and a very nice flyer.
  3. Those should keep you nice and warm Toto. I wear "Long Johns" under my jeans at this time of year. So did my father all his life. They may be counted as old fashioned, but that doesn't bother me as who is going to see them anyway 😂
  4. I have just bought another brand new plane, a Tiger 60 which I received on Friday morning from Royal Mail. Its out of the box and on my work stand. Today, I will put a 3rd coat of Pollyureathane on the interior of the fuselage to fuel proof it. Usually 5 or 6 coats in total. This fuel proofs it superbly and I've been doing this successfully for 38 years. I can never have enough planes and they will all get flown . Some of my planes are well over 20 years of age and in brilliant condition. This new plane brings my present tally to 16 . I have a brand new ASP 91 fourstroke waiting to be mounted. This will be the perfect aircraft for it. Going to my local hobby store later today to buy six Hitec 422 servos and three Dubro low bounce wheels to replace the stock gear. Whenever I die, someone is going to get a lot of good cheap planes. I hope its not for a while just yet as there is still plenty of flying left in me and I dearly love this hobby. Some people like to spend their money on other things, I like to spend it on rc planes and accessories.
  5. Not to worry Toto. There was very little flying done our way also as a heavy fog lingered for most of the day making it almost impossible to fly and grounding the bulk of the clubs aircraft fleet. Onwards and upwards as they say. Plenty more good days to come for you and the Domino to get acquainted.
  6. The forecast for tomorrow Toto is nice and calm. It will be cold , but plenty of clothes on will cure that problem. I'm going flying also and looking forward to it. Hope you have a great day at the field and make some more progress with your flying . I'm here in Montys cafe sitting down to a nice Christmas dinner.
  7. I always use 6 rubber bands on my trainer to hold the wing secure.
  8. This is how my elevators are joined inside the fuselage of my Tiger 40 Toto.
  9. Had two good flights at the field yesterday following our AGM. The Cessna 177 always peforms well with the Saito. I have this plane a long time now and it's still flys very well.
  10. Had our AGM today at the club then rounded proceedings off with two nice flights with the Cessna 177.
  11. Had our AGM today at the club then rounded proceedings off with two nice flights with the Cessna 177.
  12. Yes proper order. Life is for living. Enjoy it all Toto.
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