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  1. Eic, thanks for watching. Yes is a bit fiddly around the wire anchors.... The fuse is already built and the shrouds checked. Today prepared the cowl for fixing to the fuse.Also mounted the motor for checking the spinner position. José Luis.
  2. A few months ago I ordered some Flitemetal for covering the nose, But I don´t know when I will receive it. I have to make a decision to go ahead. This weekend I take a Litho sheet and covered the detachable part of the fuse. First the sides, next the top and the more difficult (' parts the gun channels. This was cut oversize, bend around an aluminium tube, marked and trimmed. Glued the parts with medium CA. Once dried I buffed a bit with T-Cut. Until next. José Luis
  3. As intended in The Class this is to prove yourself. I have some tissue, a bit thick, but unable to sort some dope. The dope I have has thickened, added a bit ot acetone, but not sure of its use, so rsorted to the covering. Its like paper but stronger. If I can manage to find some local dope I`ll use it. I like the smell and pick your fingers dope. J.L.
  4. Really sublime, Danny. If you don´t mind. I`m interested in the drawings, as I live way far from both of you. I have a Silohuete Portrait 2, so I can cut my own stencils. Cheers. J.L.
  5. Hi Eric. Sorry on my delay..... I plan on using pull-pull on both rudeer and elevator. I`m going to mak a mock-up on the elevator to check.... The original have the servos in the fuel tank bay. I have to dissasemble the model for storage and transport, so not as important where I put the servos. Will Check. Now to the build. I have to re-do the rails for the servos because the epoxi did´nt set. I then focused on covering the tail feathers..... I planned on using coverlite. This is a poliester cloth with no glue added. I was going to use for attaching Balsaloc, but the tub I have was a bit thick so I tried to thin it with water but not to success. So What to use?. I resorted to the Oratex propietary gle. I read the instructions in the tin. This indicates that you must check that the glues used are solvent safe. I used CA and alifatic glue. I trie to aply the glue as sparingly as posible with a brush. The resul, I get afew ribs unglued in the stab and some alifactic joints dissolved. ARG¡. So I have to reglue the parts and weight down whilt setting the new glue. The real covering process is as other coverings. You can apply the glue to the structure or the covering. I applied to the structure. Covered the bottom part or side part. Later applied more gle to the covering when you will attach other piece of covering. This material is really easy to use. You fix whit very little heat in the perimeter and you can lift and strecht to remuve the wrinkles and then reatach to the wood. Next apply heat and return to the other side and cut and apply a bit of heat to the cut to seal the material. Here I had applied a bit of glue in yhe perimeter to attach the tpp covering. Also added a bit of covering in the inside corners. Preparing the other side of the fin. Sorry. Out of focus, but you can see how the covering adapts to the leading edge at a low setting of temp (around 90 centigrade degrees) And the finished products after a bit of ironing. Until next. Stay safe. José Luis
  6. Hi Danny. Excellent work on the paint and stencils. I´m also interested in the stencils and dzus fasteners drawing. Have a good weekend. José Luis
  7. Thanks a lot, Danny, Eric. Hope to work a bit tomorrow.Well really not much to do, Have to sort the servo mounts, one has moved and had to replace it, Cheers. José L.
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