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  1. ? Danny congrats on the taxi maiden. Looks and sounds fantastic. Love that big prop and the wobble as she taxies along. Must get back on mine.
  2. Danny Yes it was a bit of a Friday afternoon job. Anyway, had a play around with bits a pieces in my scrap boxes, this will do after I rough it up a bit. Totally the wrong instruments bug from a distance it will do.
  3. Tackled the markings. Roundels use warbirds color paint. probably not the correct shade as I have used matt. Quite please, not too much colour bleed. The underwing identification markings are Tamiya acrylic flat black. Not very glamorous shots but show the effect. No excuses for not moving onto the rigging.........
  4. A bit more done. Spinner sanded and painted. Thanks to Chris for a lovely bit of 3D printing. I used Alclad Airframe aluminium. Not totally pleased as I did not read the instructions before use. Am going to try again with a gloss black undercoat then the aluminium.
  5. Hi Basil, thanks for the kind words. The foam used for the wheels is from Mick Reeves. You can find it on his website in the accessories section. https://www.mickreevesmodels.co.uk/~mickreev/Access/accessories.htm   Really great service and advise from Mick and Jim.   Hope this helps Martin   Edited By Martin Fane on 25/01/2021 17:53:16
  6. A quick update - exhausts in progress. Followed same procedure as Danny, former made up from 2 lengths of dowl seperated by a hardwood strip then filled and sanded smooth. The formed strips of lithoplate were treated to a coat of Alclad exhaust manifold colour. And installed - I fixed a small balsa clock on the cowl inside for the exhaust stub to sit on. Stubs fixed with a blob of silicon sealant.
  7. Another job I was avoiding tackled today - cutting the exhaust stub holes in the cowl. First the holes are marked out using a vinyl mask Then cut away - 1mm chain drilled first then opened up with permagrit files. Finished with 600 grit paper fixed on a length of dowel Not as difficult as I had first thought it would be Now where's my thin lithoplate Edited By Martin Fane on 14/01/2021 18:51:05
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