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  1. Same here, this happened a while ago to
  2. First time these 4 have been in the air together P40, 2 Spitfires and the RAAF's new F-35
  3. A combination of resin and filament prints. First attempt at a dashboard for a tigermoth - resin (Anycubic Photon S ) Dummy engine for 3dlabs Corsair ( Prusa Mk3 ) Pilot for future Corsair - resin
  4. If you delete the Model Engineer from your device then download again you get the full issue, just worked for me.
  5. Fairly sure on the speed using lightburn and speed is set to mm/min
  6. I’ve been playing with cut settings on my Elekslaser a3 pro 2.5w. These settings seem to do the best job for me, the ply is left over from a top flite kit so not sure what type it is. The cuts don’t seem to be excessively burnt. Figures refer to speed mm/m and power, bottom line is number of passes. The 2mm hard balsa should have read 10 for passes. Edited By Itisme on 11/11/2019 07:16:31 Edited By Itisme on 11/11/2019 07:18:37
  7. Took the plunge and got an elekslaser a3 pro with 2.5w laser, after a little playing around i think i have some good settings in lighburn. 5mm balsa cut fairly clean. 3 passes per mm Edited By Itisme on 21/10/2019 09:19:55
  8. The camera is a Black Fin 720 VR camera, retail is about $280 ( Aust Dollars) got it cheap off ebay.
  9. A cheap vr camera from ebay fitted to the wing makes an interesting flight video, being able to look around during the video gives a whole new perspective of your flight. Hope it works might have to open the youtube app to watch. **LINK**
  10. I have a EME35 in my WotsWots XL no problems with it so far.
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