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  1. Article is not about a continuation of the status quo, it's about development, if succesful this route will not be cheap it'll attract critiscism if they go the lighter/smaller route, nor are they abandoning EV, to imply so is incorrect.

  2. Weston Park offers much more than an LMA event (My opinion) £25 for a day and evenings entertainment, compared to many events held by other interests it's far from unreasonable. Cosford gone, Nats ? various other events gone, as the saying goes "Use it or lose it".

    Was always my favourite show of the year, sadly I can no longer go.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Jonathan S said:

    Right, so not much progress on the 190 due to the unexpected arrival of new puppy.  New puppy is now 16 weeks old and is a handful so I cannot get into my modelling room.... 


    So I have 3d printed a Cub.  I have also cleared the kitchen table of kids drawings and stuff so now I think i might be able to make progress... Though it will mean going backwards and forwards to get stuff from the man cave.  I will post pics of the cub later when its full assembled. 


    Oh well.  Also need to stop the puppy eating craft knives I drop. Might be good training. 


    Picture of Puppy as well, please.

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