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  1. Hi, I know this is nothing to do with what is going on at the moment, but could some kind person remember the name of this glider in the photo and let me know please, thanking you in advance. Mike.
  2. This was the last time I saw this glider it was a fly away the best one I had, can't remember the name ? Mike.
  3. What a load of rubbish is being written, do what the BMFA & CAA tell us to do & what is the problem, I have my numbers, fixed to each plane, so away I go with no worries, Merry Xmas, and all that, and successful landings, no holes in the ground. Mike.
  4. Hi Richard, the old methods are always the best, to much updating to confuse every one.
  5. Hay Ho. . hear we go again why dos not every one do as they are asked and take the tests get the required numbers put them onto the planes which they are going to fly and forget about the CAA, BMFA, and let them sort it out, no one else can, it is so strait forward what is there to complain about. There is so much rubbish being banded about it is no wonder a lot of people do not know what is going on. Wait and see what the two powers come up with then do what ever it takes to carry on with this lovely hobby, I do not think it will have any major effect on the big shows. as the pilots at these are as competent as they can be. I am now going to sign off and get ready for XMAS. MERRY XMAS every one and A HAPPY NEW YEAR. All the best for a better year for flying. MIKE.
  6. Hi Chris, well said, I don't know what all of the fuss is about do as you would be done by. do as they want and carry on enjoying your hobby, that's what I am going to do, the ones I feel sorry for are the young ones just coming into the hobby, to much of this and it could put a lot off, so then good bye to a wonderful hobby. Mike.
  7. if it does happen I would like to know how the drone will post things through the letter boxes, mdwkeruwdw it won't go through. Mike.
  8. HI every one, this morning I have heard that Amazon are now going to use Drones to deliver their goods, I wonder how this will effect us or not at all. I suppose they will still use vans if the address is near an airport. Thoughts please. Mike.
  9. Hi, why don't every one leave this alone & see what the future brings, I have got my two numbers, so I can fly when the weather allows, I know it is good to talk but this is doing no good for any one. I have paid my £9 to the CAA so all I have to do now is pay the BMFA subs again for 2020 & I am good to go.. I have the use of a private air strip . how lucky is that, do not need a club as there is not one near enough to join. Surely just do as we are asked & get on with it, I do agree the BMFA are doing a wonderful job so let them do it for all of us. The plane in my picture was used in the war & still has a bullet hole in the fuse. it still uses the same strip as we do, just the two of us, country members, we make our own rules as well as the BMFA & CAA ones. All the best . Mike.
  10. hi, is there any more news on the op numbers Mike.
  11. Why does not every one wait & see what the end out come is, let the BMFA sort it for us that is what they are there for, in my opinion you lot are putting things into the CAA brains if they have got any. Mike.
  12. What a lot of twaddle, I am now going to sign off, and carry on flying, to much is being put into this, what the CAA does that will be it & we will have to comply. go & have a fly & enjoy it, practice if you must. I am happy as I am. Bye 4 now. Mike.
  13. Hi Steve, if you knew what you were doing you would do as a lot of us did, answer the questions correctly and get your numbers, I got mine last week and have printed them out, now all I have to do is put them into my planes and gliders. I just do not know what all the fuss is about, it is so simple to do. why do a lot of you keep complaining, just do what you have to do and get on with it. I am now going to cancel the thread as it is so pathetic to read. Mike.
  14. Hi every one why don't you do as I have, passed the CAA test, will pay my subscription to the BMFA. Then when the weather permits go flying with no problems, The CAA will do what they will & you will not be able to do any thing about it but comply. So easy to do. Mike.
  15. take the on line test, then when passed pay the £9 to the CAA, Simples. Mike.
  16. Hi Chris, thanks the BMFA has my email address but I have not received any from them, I have now sent a message to them asking why. Mike.
  17. Hi Andy, thank you for that information, I will now be able to carry on as before and enjoy my pass time at the field , I hope every one will be the same. All the best and happy flying. Mike.
  18. Can some one please clarify something for me, if we have the two CAA numbers the OP & FLY. When we renew with the BMFA do we have to have an A or B test pass, or can we still renew as we are with just the insurance.
  19. Hi Nigel, typical of all these sort of people who try to govern the country, pass the buck and let some one else sort it when they know they cannot. My flying days are over now because I know for a fact that at 83 years young no way could I remember all the answers to those questions. I have had a bit of a total up and I recon I will be sending about £1,000.00 worth of planes and equipment to the land fill site, Can't go fishing as I can't walk so far along the bank with all of the equipment, what a life we do live. Good luck to all who pass so as they can carry on with there sport and pass time. Mike.
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