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  1. Met Thomas of TomJets at ProWing Show in Germany and his team demonstrated the 2 new jet designs
  2. Now that is clever ! Quick demo from Noel at the ProWing Show in Germany.
  3. Fantastic aero-modelling demonstrated in this Avro Vulcan. Built by Andrew White for last year's BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals competition.
  4. Innovative engineering from Rob, the owner of this Airbus A350, which competed in the recent indoor scale nationals...
  5. Certainly appreciate you sharing that. I do it for the fun and challenge of it. Always good to hear people enjoy my work. Start of the 2023 season so lots of interesting and varied stuff coming. Cheers.
  6. One man keeping IC ducted fan jets alive. This Phantom is a Yellow Aircraft kit which has polyester fuselage and glassed cloth wings tails and canards. Built by Adam in 2021. Has six JR servos and was painted using Tamiya paint. It uses an OS91 DF engine with a Dynamax fan and a Weston UK mini twin outlet pipe. Irvine straight fuel and no nitro added. Spring air retracts for undercarriage. Adam uses a Spektrum DX18 for guidance.
  7. If money was no object then this would be it...
  8. Converted my heli into an Airwolf. Only took 20 minutes...
  9. Appreciate the feedback. You learn something new every day !
  10. Unbox, assemble and fly. All the hard work has been done. Could almost assemble it at the flying field.
  11. Comes with everything in the box including the transmitter, flight batteries, USB charge lead, fixed landing gear and spare propellors. Big fun even in strong wind !
  12. First flight of my F7F Tigercat. No trim for level flight straight out of the box !
  13. Roof and chimney inspection with the Mini 3 Pro. The collision avoidance is just fantastic for making this a relatively low risk task...
  14. After 3 videos of my resident heli expert having a go...thought it was time to show anyone can fly one of these new Fly Wing FW450-V3s
  15. Growing trend for GPS enabled RC helicopters...and this is the latest. In this first video we explore the difference between GPS and 3D modes.
  16. Jason flies the NEW RTH version of the Atom RC Swordfish and within 90 seconds finds out how a Flight Controller can prevent you from crashing !
  17. PC-21 in action at LMA Cosford. One of my favourite flights of the year. Marc really turned on the taps on this flight!
  18. Sharing news that we have a new Member joining the 'Essential RC' Team. Finn is a member of our local model flying club and only last week proved his flying ability by passing his British Model Flying Association (BMFA) B Certificate. All the more remarkable because he is only 10 years old ! Finn will be helping me review RC aeroplanes over the coming months and inspiring other kids to get involved in our awesome hobby...
  19. Added some interior detail to my FPV Super Decathlon
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