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  1. After a first trimming flight and realising I needed to adjust the rudder I gave the new Avios Super Tucano a proper aerobatic flight. Let the flight do the talking.
  2. Another Andrew White master piece in action...
  3. A highlight from the BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals...
  4. Next episode in my journey to master RC paragliding. This time in much better conditions !
  5. Quick build 30mm EDF Red Arrows Hawk. Once trimmed out it flew quite well in the wind...
  6. Something a bit different. Going to take me a while to master this one.
  7. Most significant challenge with IC warbird conversions I have found is adding a tray for big lipos and making them easily accessible without needing to take the wing(s) off... and ruining the scheme with the modifications. I didn't see what Stuart had done to his P-51 for lipo access. Was hoping might see him and the P-51 at Old Warden next week but he's at Joe Nall at the moment so suspect that's unlikely.
  8. I'm looking forward to trying one of these soon.
  9. Building this is one thing...but having the skill to fly it indoors is something else. Great skill demonstrated by master aero-modeller Andrew White.
  10. Demo of the new Tundra v3 and a 12S 105mm EDF Hawk that could go into production soon...
  11. So much more fun if there are 2 of you trying to fly formation. Challenging but that's why we like it.
  12. Canopy plastic wasn't clear enough to put an FPV camera inside so I mounted it up on the tail. Nice view seeing the aeroplane in the foreground with the scenery below...
  13. First flight. Needs some work but good to get it in the air.
  14. So far the best FPV conversion I have done. The huge flaps make FPV landing very easy.
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