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  1. Now this was fun to fly...even on a windy day !
  2. Unboxing, assembly and first flight of FMS dual 70mm EDF Su-27
  3. It has a proper 5 cylinder radial engine. Moki 250. Not cheap but about as authentic as you can get for RC warbird sound.
  4. Yup. The panning servo drifts but only when I've got the head tracking running. If I switch that off and configure the pan/tilt to work via sliders on the radio it works fine. When I get time I'll try and debug it but it should work.
  5. A cracker for Christmas Eve. This is Geoff's super scale F4U Corsair. The sound is just gorgeous...and the slow fly bys perfect for the camera. Happy Christmas folks !
  6. We do have head tracking Geoff. Friend created the module from an Arduino board. It sends the head movement to the transmitter via bluetooth which then sends the pan/tilt signals on 2 trainer channels to the receiver. I've got a fantastic 280 degree panning servo but for some reason it 'drifts' and I have to keep re-centering the servo. Interference from something can cause this with cheaper servos. Seems to be worse in the Pitts but was not so bad in the OMP Super Decathlon. And yes on the goggle stickers. I get that comment a lot !
  7. It's my local club and I have flown FPV at it many times. Problem with a biplane is the limited forward view. I need real time telemetry with altitude and a pointer back to home. Got that on other models. Just a bit time consuming to setup.
  8. And actually flying with the FPV goggles. I got disorientated a few times ! So important to have a spotter.
  9. And then it was my turn to fly it FPV ! Excited but a little nervous...
  10. Added head tracked FPV to the OMP Decathlon. Was easier than I thought it would be...
  11. Good to have a local supplier of afterburner units in the UK now. AK afterburner works well even on a bright sunny day.
  12. The new FMS Rafale 64mm EDF jet. It's good without the fixed gear and draggy ordnance. But how well does it fly in high alpha ?
  13. Too much fun this Fattie F-14 since I converted it to EDF...
  14. After 2 months of 3D printing parts and quite a lot longer to assemble; paint and weather, James' Abrams P-1 Explorer was ready for its first flight. He was just a little nervous but he needn't have been. It was an amazing success ! This fully 3D printable RC airplane was designed and developed by René Marschall and is available at PlanePrint.com Wingspan: 1500 mm (59 inches) Flight weight: 2100 grams (3S/2700MaH) Wing loading: 50 g/dm2 Radio: 5-channel Battery: 3S Material: PLA 800g/TPU 100g
  15. Operational air brake and canopy make this F/A-18 that bit more realistic together with some nice flying by Azza at Southern Model Show...
  16. Yup. Nearly flew between my vertical stabs ! Proper battle scars.
  17. There are already other holes in the side of the fuselage so no other holes needed.
  18. And as expected the lighter 4S2700 pack transformed the model. So much fun to fly now !
  19. I converted the pusher Fattie F-14 to twin 50mm EDF with a 4S4000 pack. Bit heavy on this flight but it flew !
  20. I had great fun with the original Phase 3 Squall back in 2010. It's back...and it's bigger.
  21. Generally no. Fairly sure the RC Extra 330 was closer to the flight line for most of the display.
  22. Mike Williams flying his 40% scale RC Extra 330 via radio control flies with Chris Burkett flying the Extra 300S from the cockpit. In the sky you wouldn't know which was which ! Filmed at Southern Model Show.
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