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  1. Hi Danny, Great if statics gave you a helping hand, but I don't have a great brand new roll of cellophane. I have to use some second-hand one and taping a strip of Sellotape really helps... Regarding the Polyester resin, it has been ages since I last used it due to fumes/smell. It was NOT safe on most tapes but I don't know about cellophane? Having a test-piece would very probably give you the right answer. Cheers Chris Edit > ... apologies to Dirk for clogging his Fouga build blog...
  2. Hi Danny, Allow me to answer a few of your points. I'm also making a wing tube for a self-designed high wing bushplane. I'm using Dirk's method as well, but with an aluminium wing joiner tube instead of a carbon one as you have. It is 22mm in diameter and I'm using a 'sock' of 30mm diameter. Mine is 300gr glassfibre with HP Textiles epoxy (same as Dirk). In order to have the 'sock' following the tube closely over its length, I made my sock a few cm longer than the tube, then I bind it with a tie wrap under the tube end and add a 500gr weight to the underside. Mine is simply a 1/2 liter mineral water from Spa, but I guess the brand isn't of any strategic importance... πŸ˜‰ The other side of the tube is just hanging from the workbench. Of course you have to work/apply the epoxy 'vertically', but that isn't a real problem. Regarding the cellophane, I did the same as Dirk, i.e. taping it with a strip of Sellotape to keep it without wrinkles. No probs as the epoxy will not stick to the Sellotape. The main concern is to have the cellophane being able to 'slide' on its own after curing. Not sticking to the tube joiner nor sticking to the 'sock'. When you slide the sock out, the cellophane will remain in the sock but can be extracted effortless. Hope this helps a bit... I wasn't aware that you were building another model after the Auster. I could be wrong, but the fuselage fairings on your picture look a bit like those on the underside of a Chipmunk... ??? ... Cheers Chris
  3. John, you really must avoid to ask 'pertinent' questions... ??? ... this is Formula One, you know... πŸ™ƒ Regarding the strat team, I guess it is just a 'short-term-lease'? ... As far as on-track-performance, they have just exchanged/switched their respective Performance Managers... πŸ˜‰ Chris
  4. ... sorry, but I don't understand it... I mean the siuation remains 'grey' here at Fantasy. In my breakdown points, Alonso still remains at 0 for race and bonus points... Some patience needed once more... especially with GP stuff... Chris
  5. Fantasy hasn't 'retro-adapted' their points yet. But when/if they do, I can only re-confirm my apologies to Tony... Como dije, estamos en MΓ©xico ahora. Chris
  6. ... +1, John. Total inconsistency, indeed. But can you imagine, coming thursday, that a panel of FIA stewards will/could declare that the Austin FIA stewards made a mistake !!! ... I'm afraid Omar/Alpine are riding a dead horse here. Chris
  7. Thanks once more for the update, John. Ahora vamos a Mexico... Chris
  8. ... well, if Alonso loses his points, I'll going to have the same points lost as well together with the Fantasy bonus points for rank progression. On a side note, Alpine has introduced a complaint against Fernando's 30 seconds punishment. Wait and see, so far... C'est la vie... Chris EDIT > ... it seems now that I lost 20 points and 2nd positionis back to Tony... Bravo, Tony...
  9. Congrats to John S, me (!?) and Igor. Apologies to Tony as well... Gaston Formula might have had a mighty score in Austin were it not that I only managed 2 correct predictions. The team members did a great job though. Ahora vamos a Mexico... Chris
  10. ... 'no plans' makes it a lot easier, John. Still awake & kicking to watch quali quite soon now. Indeed, we 'mainland boys' will have quali & race on the same day... Enjoy the race, gents Chris
  11. Thanks once more, John. No early wake-up or Plan A and B then? ... πŸ™ƒ Bonne chance to all Chris
  12. Thanks again to our very personal 'league-nurse'... ... and congrats to Simon, Igor & JohnS. My 'blind banker' predictions did their job (nearly !). I might try it again in Austin just to contemplate if JohnS is getting any 'closer'? ... Chris
  13. Thanks, JohnP. ... FP3 is way too early for my biorythm... no alarm clocks for me. ... some 'blind banker' predictions will do (hopefully). Good luck to all Chris
  14. ... ooh well, I really don't want to get any profit of it... ... ill heath probs?... ... if so, get well soon, Igor... Chris
  15. ... just rumours and online media clickbaits so far, isn't it? ... ... let's gently wait till monday (or whenever we all have some official facts)... ... luckily there is some 'racing' coming up soon now... Chris
  16. Congrats to both John's and Igor. Well done, gents. But it confirms my earlier theory that I'm just a privileged witness of that 'duo' battle up front... See you all in Honda territory. Chris
  17. Hey, come on, gents... I realize it has been a long break. But now, get ready for your Singapore GP predictions... Chris
  18. Hi again Dirk, I guess 800gr will be more than enough with those 'flanges'. In fact it will not even be a very 'stressed' part to produce, will it ? Thx for your fast answer Chris
  19. Heya Dirk, If I may ask, what kind of grammage are you using for that mould ? It looks like 100gr/mΒ², but most importantly, how many layers are you using to get it right ? Thanks in advance Chris
  20. Thanks for the info, Dirk. Always great to have an expert in the neighborhood... πŸ˜‰ Chris
  21. Heya Dirk, I was indeed on the RO of Brussels last Sunday in the afternoon but can't really remember how late it was. I was motivated to have some paint on the PSS Dog Sabre (finally !) but it was really too hot for spraying lately ... and now it's full raining here... Question, please: If you remember the Sabre cockpit frame you made. I think to remember that you used 100gr/mΒ² from HP Textiles. Was it just 1 layer or several ? I'm trying to build an Hovercraft with glass fiber but not really convinced what grammage of fiber to use. Cheers & groeten Chris
  22. Hope you had a great holiday in Switzerland, Dirk. But also great to have you back at the Fouga... Cheers Chris
  23. Well done to Tony, Pete & JohnS. I had the same kind of feeling as in Zandvoort but this time I really ended in the 'lower mid field'. I'll blame 2 of my team drivers being a bit 'lazy' but most certainly my own lousy predictions... Tony is really closing up on Igor now and I'm just becoming a sort of privilieged witness of that duel. See you all in the Far East... Chris
  24. Thanks once more, John. Quite hectic to go for predictions with all those penalties, I guess. But then we're all in the same Italian Pranging Boat... Best of luck to all. Chris
  25. Thank you, gents. Congrats to GrumpyG and Simon as well. Same as Grumpy, when calculating my points I was convinced that it would be a genuine 'mid-field' result with just around 150 pts. Big surprise when discovering that our League colleagues didn't handle it better... I'll just try to have a bis repetita in Italy then (sorry Igor)... πŸ˜‰ Chris
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