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  1. Thanks John P. It looks indeed like Merc has improved somewhat with their upgrades at Silverstone. Great to see Q tomorrow... but will it be in the rain? ... ... and then the points rewarded on sunday. Cheers & good luck to all... Chris
  2. Montréal GP > UPDATE Fernando received a 5 sec. penalty for 'obstructive driving', meaning he ended in 9th position. Small mod but it seems to have reshuffled our Fantasy GP field with small but substantial 'moving around'... The shared 1st place - Igor/Tony - seems to belong to the past now... Some of us gaining or losing (me !) a few points. Sorry JohnP, but your assistance seems to be needed once more, I'm afraid... Cheers Chris
  3. Congrats to Igor - with an impressive score indeed - to Pete and to Kevin. I'm afraid Carlos will have to keep on being patient before scoring his first victory... Cheers Chris
  4. Yep, it really was, John. With a really great Fernando... and a even more surprising Zhou coming out of nowhere while discovering the track... Keep up the surprises, gents. Cheers Chris
  5. Merci beaucoup, John. Congrats to Charles and Tony. ? A bit surprised that I'm still on the high end of the results sheet. In a quest for some sun - including feta, ouzo and metaxa - I left for Kos / GR a few weeks ago missing the GPs in Spain and Monaco. I had to make some banker predictions for Barcelona but managed to find a greek wifi spot in time for Le Rocher's race. Not top but still acceptable. With the misfortune of the Italian Reds last WE, I feared a points catastrophy for my ranking but looking at the standings, it seems that quite a lot of forumites were in the same Red boat regarding their team or predictions... Montréal, nous voici... ? Cheers Chris
  6. Thanks John P. As for now (monday morning), the Fantasy site is closed for "Points are being revised following post-race penalties"... I noticed it yesterday evening as the published results were wrong according to the post-race changes. I'm afraid John might have some more work to possibly adapt his league rankings... ? Greetz Chris
  7. Congrats to Igor, Ade and Charles. My Red coloured locals didn't do the job really this time... ... and my predictions were at least as lousy as Gaston's ones. Miami here we come & may the Garden fill in our hopes... Chris
  8. ... will it be a rainy/wet Sprint race? ... ... will K-Mag be able to keep his splendid grid position? ... ... will Carlos Jr still be under that 'huge' pressure he showed today? ... Anyhow thanks, John & good luck to all Chris
  9. Great to have you back at the top of the chart, Pete. Congrats to John T and Igor as well. A few DNFs in my team in AUS. Next time better, I hope... ? Chris
  10. Thanks once more, John P. No alarm clock for me though. ? I'll have my corn flakes as soon as I get back to mankind territory whenever in the morning. I've set my predictions following Gaston's intuition this time... ? Chris
  11. There are some changes made to the SA results... It mainly concerns the Bonus Prediction with the 'retired' drivers. Fantsy GP was counting the DNS drivers as being DNF and gave some points accordingly. They had some 'virulent' reactions on their FB-page with the argument that they asked for the 'retired' drivers and obviously you can't 'retire' if you didn't start in the first place. So a few of us are getting their 10 points back if they predicted 4-5 retired drivers... "Errare humanum est", the Romans said... Chris
  12. Congrats to Grumpy G for "editing his choices" properly... ... and to Tony for confirming his. Got quite acceptable predictions myself... but they could be plain luck, of course. See you all down under with brand new predictions for John P... Chris
  13. ... I'll keep silent this time until John P covers today's SA charts... ... Belgian mouth totally shut... Chris
  14. ... I can really understand and agree with that, John. But just by reading my 'congrats' here, nobody can have a clue regarding the result of the 'real' GP, right?
  15. Congrats to our Admin John, Stu & Glen to take the podium places at this first GP of the new season. Well done, gents... Chris
  16. ... indeed 15 of us is quite magic. ... best of luck to everyone... ... and don't allow John S to win again this season... ;-) Chris
  17. If this can be of help, Z. After opening the Fantasy site, click the 'League' tab in the left burgondy column. When the League page opens, go to & click on the 'Join a League' tab. That opens a small window where you can fill in the code. Just hit 'Join' and you're ready to go... Cfr the screen pic helping you to visualize things. Chris Edit > ... oops... John S was a lot faster than me...
  18. That might be the problem, John S. Zflyer's background is showing "Create a League" in the top left corner. "Join League" is the place to be. Chris
  19. Yep John, Haas absolutely did. Everywhere on the web I looked for info they gave me the same impression. But then, who is 'sandbagging' the most ? No idea, I'm afraid... A bit of patience then. Chris
  20. Hi Zflyer, As JohnS posted here above, the code for our league is 8397165. Once you signed in/created a profile, you log in and go to the 'League' tab (in the burgondy column at the left of the screen). Then you see the 'Forumites' league appear and you just have to add yourself by using the code mentioned here above. You should be 'in' with us from there. Cheers Chris
  21. So, what can one do while waiting for Friday's FP1 in Bahrain? Patiently, I've been looking to find out some kind of pecking order for the different teams. I mainly visited different websites (Belgian, Dutch, French and obviously British, some of them being heavily 'biased' it seems...) to be of help into my quest. Here are the combined/compiled results I obtained: 1/ Red Bull 2/ Ferrari 3/ Mercedes 4/ McLaren 5/ Haas 6/ Aston Martin 7/ Alpha Tauri 8/ Alpine 9/ Alfa Romeo 10/ Williams This might be of help to define your Drivers/Teams selection but anyhow "don't shoot the messenger", please... Cheers Chris
  22. ... welcome back, Ade. ? ... we only have Pete & Stu to re-join now and the 'ol' gang' would be complete again. Cheers Chris
  23. Hi all, Can you guys tell me if you have a free streaming site address to watch the practice sessions (FP1, 2 and 3)? Thanks & cheers Chris
  24. ... if John S is considering the 'reds' for his team, the world must just have gone 'mad'... Why not just sticking to the 'dark blue', John? ... (sorry, GG). They gave you a lot of rewards last season and Mr Newey only just had one year of experience added to his 'background'. Cheers Chris
  25. ... welcome aboard, GG... ... and have fun at Fantasy GP... Cheers Chris
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