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  1. Anyone know what compatible budget 8 channel aero receiver will work with a 2.4ghz Futaba T6EX Fasst transmitter?
  2. I can't believe the price of nitro fuel especially when it comes to helicopter fuel with a high nitro content, of course I need a high oil content as well. I have a Raptor V2 and a Weston UK Velocity I like to run on these type of fuels. They seem to be priced any where from £30 to £40 for a gallon, it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need it delivered but of course this makes it even more expensive. Does anyone know a cheaper alternative?
  3. That’s great thank you everyone for your time and info 🙂
  4. Anyone know if a Futaba T6EXP 35mhz can be linked via a training cable to a Futaba T6EX 2.4ghz ?? So the main controller will be the one on 2.4ghz and the secondary with be the 35mhz. Will the aerial have to be extended on the 35mhz even?
  5. Yes other people on here have been great too, I appreciate yours and everyone's help on here, I now have a better understanding with what was going on. It's funny because I can do most things and also have a fair knowledge of mechanics, I work on cars, motorcycles etc all the time so I should have been able to diagnose the problem myself and I've been r/c modelling for quite sometime now but I clearly failed when it came to an inverted engine lol...
  6. Okey dokey I'll have ago, you obviously know your stuff I can tell, thanks Ron...
  7. I hear you Pete lol... I'm used to using high nitro on my helicopter OS motor and my Weston UK Velocity. I thought it could only be a good thing to use that fuel on the Super Tigre as well and give me lots of power hehe. Okay I'll some different glow fuel, think I have some other kicking about the garage. I think I have it close to being setup nice but I will definitely take note of how you told me to set it up, thanks for the info... Oh, I've seen people saying to point the inlet nipple at the rear mounting bolt???
  8. I'm presuming I done this right but this afternoon I measured the height of the fuel tank tubing coming out of the neck to be level with the spray bar on the carb and before It was out by 40mm, what does anyone make of this, does this sound like a better setup?
  9. I must admit I have not had trouble quite like this with any other glow engine!
  10. Yes they did, okay rich on the high or low needle?
  11. Yep thanks for that, I have looked at it and made sure it's well seated.
  12. Right you are I will try that thank you Ron?
  13. I haven't yet to be honest, the only thing I done was I removed it from the vice and turned the whole thing upside down whilst it was running, seem to go quite well until I moved the throttle to idle and then it cut...
  14. I can imagine it would act like a heat sink. I have been using different types of fuel one of them being Opti Fuel 20% nitro and 18% oil. I haven't taken the piston out to check the piston ring but compression is very good and I'm pretty sure there aren't any leaks. Thanks for your help too...
  15. I am overwhelmed with all the help and useful information everyone has sent me, it's amazing. I did at one stage take the pipe off the exhaust to see if that would make a difference but at the time it didn't, I figured I was still doing something wrong. The setup at the moment as you can see in the photo's is working a lot better after tweaking the settings however when I turn this upside down it still cuts on idle. I now know the tank isn't in the ideal position but this is just temporary until I can get back to work on it. Thanks about the plug thing I understand and I will get one me thinks for sure...
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