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  1. I have an issue on a new TX (4 in 1) which was setting up fine… binding with a receivers etc. and I was programming timers, end points and rates etc. it was also working with edge companion well and I was doing back ups as well when…. I seem get a glitch or loop in the model selection menu. (unless it’s me). I have lost all the pre loaded models or rather unable to seem them on the “TX”, but I have them all still listed in companion. If I transfer (write models and settings to Radio) from companion to the TX it only shows the one default model (i.e. the one in bold in the model listed in companion) in the main screen but no models are listed in the model menu selection it in the TX model menu i.e. blank. So the one default model now on the TX is the only model, now if I go in and create a new model it overwrites my existing default model i.e. I can’t re select the default model because its disappeared. The model I have created is just now a blank template. I can create further templates, but when I transfer a default model again from companion, all the templates are wiped and there are no models in the model menu to select just the default model in the main screen. And this goes round in a loop. So basically all the model planes, heli, and quad types are missing and I can only transfer back a default model, and this default model disappears when I select another blank model template. And all the blank model templates disappear when I transfer the default model from companion to the TX again. I feels as if I have a software glitch or something, or am I missing something?
  2. Does anyone know if the R2008SB S-FHSS has the same "range" as the R7006SB FASSTest receiver?... the reason for asking is the smaller R2106 park receiver operating on S-FHSS is only 300m? I cant find the range of the R2008SB listed in the Futaba specification, its just states Full Range, so one assumes it would be the same "range" as the the R7006SB albeit fixed to S-FHSS and less telemetry. Thanks.
  3. Doug L

    Supertigre 29

    That's the one, thank you for the article and confirming 👍
  4. Hello, Can anyone confirm the crankshaft thread size for a Supertigre 29 (ringed engine). I need to get a domed prop nut. Thank you.
  5. Great info, and plenty to think about. Thank you.
  6. Im thinking WW1 plane from a plan, or kit and plan. What i know is, if the weight specified says 4kg, after I've built it, the weight will probably turn out to 4.5. Also i don't want to over power it. Saito give kg of thrust so i have in the past matched engine to airframe successfully from this, rather than a 60 size or 90 size etc. hopefully that explains it.
  7. Hello, I am looking at engine options to plane weight for scale/semi scale aircraft, and interested to understand what a good Thrust/Weight ratio would be. To explain more if it was 1:1 I would assume it would generally fly too fast and unrealistic without constantly backing the throttle off. So would a Thrust/Weight of say 0.75/1 give more realistic flying capabilities? I realise wing design loadings and props affect this but, so was thinking rule of thumb. Cheers.
  8. Hello, would anyone know if the Saito F-1 Fuel Filter SAI50109 is ok for petrol engines as well as glow? On the MacGregor website the fuel filter description just says glow in the listing, however when you look under under petrol engine parts list the filter is is included in the engines parts list? https://www.macgregor.co.uk/saito/sai50109.htm Thanks.
  9. Thank you for the replies. For info the pump was defective and replaced. Cheers. Doug.
  10. Hello, I have had this engine for about six weeks now, its run in and done about 4 hours reliable flight time. It has suddenly developed a problem where there are air bubbles from the PD-08 pump to the carb, and the engine now doesn’t run correctly or reliably. There are only bubbles form the pump to carb, its clean from tank to pump. It was faultless to this point, and pressured nicely with no air bubbles. I also noticed fuel now in the pressure line from the crank? One can only assume the pump has developed a fault, split diaphragm or letting air in. Is this a known problem with PD-08 pumps or a rare occasion? Also, the issue has got me thinking, would a 2 stroke adjustable perry pump be more reliable option in the long run? Cheers Doug
  11. Has anyone converted a OS 95V to petrol? Ive done some searches but I can only find info on the OS91FS and ignition kits. Also the run on the SC1.20 with the G5 plug Chris, are you using the original carburettor? Cheers
  12. +1 from me. I fiberglass cowl would be good, as I do agree the P47 bubbletop is a very good flyer. Not sure if you can make a mould from one that's had a few years of some poor landings...
  13. Doug L

  14. Thanks for the links... re the H9 cowl, i did see that but i think its bigger than the 60 size cowl. Cheers.
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