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  1. Evening does anyone know what covering is used on a wot 4 extreme cheers
  2. As per the title I'm after a tug tow line release I've had a look around but can't find anything, if anyone has seen anything let me know cheers.
  3. CheeCheers everyone didn't realise they were cub wheels or that expensive?
  4. Evening I've got some pneumatic wheels they've got goodyear 8.0 4 printed on them but I can't find anywhere that sells them. If anyone can point me in the right direction ?
  5. Thanks for the replies its for a 4.4mtr wing span glider so I'm not sure if a smaller size would be suitable or if a bigger one will fit, I'll need to study the plan.
  6. I'm after a Graupner 14mm steel bar & brass box 1000mm I'm strugling to find any. Any help of where to look appreciated.
  7. So ive acquired a Top-flight P47D Thunderbolt gold edition kit at our clubs funfly / swap meet. The engine recommendations are .61-.90 cu 2 stroke or .91 - .120 cu 4 sroke so my question is will a enya 155 4c be too big for this Model if so what would you put in it cheers.
  8. Ok I'm going to use a frsky Rb10 Pro on a 8 channel petrol plane, I've already got x2 overlander 7.4v 2200mah Rx batterys are these going to be sufficient????
  9. Cheers John the tuggee is now sorted and in the process of setting the new tug up, I won't say his name but you know who it is (fuel problems)? anyway cheers
  10. Real bad memory forgot I posted this thank you very much for the reply and link ?
  11. Evening is there anyone who can tell me the cog for the farmhand 90 ?? Been doing a rebuild with no instructions.
  12. OK posting this for a friend who is after a large 100+ inch wingspan plane to be used as a glider tug any recommendations suggestions links many thanks
  13. My bixler flew fine straight out the box no nose weight etc for months, Here's the rub though while doing a club funfly she started to porpoise and turn where before she'd glide hands off, when checked over by several people and flown by them aswell weight had to be added to the wing and to the nose. WEIRD
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