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  1. I wouldn't say changing to a tail dragger configuration was cheating, its just different. I find tail draggers just as simple to land as a trike gear set up. I went from my trainer to a 3d low wing taildragger and could land it quite smoothly on the first flight, not really noticing a difference the landing just kind of happened lol
  2. flew my Wildcard in london today, very light so is difficult to land in these winds, but thats what makes it interesting
  3. Well I am very pleased to say that it is running well, I replace the clunk line and that seemed to stop the problems (touch wood) this engine has bags of power when its working, gives me unlimited vertical on an irvine wildcard . What would be the best run in procedure for one of these engines from new, as I am considering getting another one ( that power really is addictive) Thanks MIchael
  4. Thanks, yes I had planned to visit a model shop out there , although having just bought a dx7 my wallet is feeling the pain lol.
  5. Thanks for all your help guys. Yes the engine is installed about 30 degrees off inverted so that the exhaust goes down the center line of the fuzz. I am not using the remote needle as the carb that jen sent me had both needles up front, so I just bypassed the old remote needle mount and went straight to the carb with the clunk line. I will replumb the tank, have a good look at the carb and clean everything out. What are the manufacturers settings for this engine? i.e how many turns on each needle. Yeah everyone at my club has great luck with the sc's so its just me thats been having problems I am using a three line system, when i changed to a new tank I was going to only use two line , as I love the simplicity, but I found that the bung had all three holes punched out already. The third line it hanging out through the firewall blocked with one of those fuel line pincher clip thingys. The club member who owned this plane before has kindly donated the engine that he used in it, so that I can see if its the engine or tank set up, I will try this if I have no luck with your suggestions. I am off to the states tomorrow so I will not get a chance to test it out for atleast two weeks. I will however post up the results when I have them. Thanks Michael
  6. Going by that it must be the tank position, but the tank is level, if a little high due to the semi inverted engine. The problem is there is no other place for the tank to go it literally just fits in the cavity with no spare space, it ran fine when the previous owner used it ( with a different engine) so my thoughts were that there was something fundamentally wrong with the engine itself. thanks for your help Michael
  7. Im having the same problem, with the same engine. Its in an irvine wildcard if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated, heres the story: Firstly I ran 3-4 tanks through it, took it to the field and flew it around at about half throttle (would splutter if you messed with the throttle setting to much, although I expected this from a new engine) Then the problems began it started to cut in flight, some of the more experienced guys at the club had a look at the needle settings but still it would cut in flight. Then one of the guys had a look at the carb as it was sticking, and solved that problem. Then the high end needle fell out in flight, by this time I was about ready to go all electric. Then the threads on the bolts securing the carb stripped, so I bought a jen carb, they sent me the carb with the non-remote high speed needle. As I didn't want to wait around I fitted that carb and ran the fuel tubing from the tank straight to it. I also replaced the tank as I suspected a leak. With a brand new tank and carb I was sure that I had fixed all of the possible problems, and yet this time I couldn't even get the plane into the air, it would run perfectly on the ground , in the pits, but cut as soon as you added throttle to take off (this had happened a bit before the new tank and carb, but the plane would atleast recover and head skywards) By now I think this thing is scared of heights or something, Sorry for the long post but if anyone had any suggestions that would be hugely appreciated. Thanks Michael
  8. I think Im in love with my Dx7. The short skirted one offered me 10% off something.... no idea what though
  9. Was good, the first show I've been to. Picked up a nice Dx7 to play with
  10. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, just about to leave for the field.
  11. Got to the field at about 2, beautiful weather nice and warm and sunny hardly any wind. My engine just wasn't having it, tried turning it every which way but nothing helped. I got some help from an experienced member who took apart the carby and re engineered it ( by this time it hadn't been working for about 3 hours) so then we tuned it back up. I took off started flying it around and the engine cut, I managed to get it down into the next field and when I went to collect it the high speed needle valve was nowhere to be seen. Any one know where I can find a needle valve for an sc52 with rear mounted needle?
  12. I've got my batteries charging in the hope that it will be fine tomorrow , doesn't seem likely but a guy can hope can't he
  13. When i assembled mine it just used a dremel to cut it to fit and then managed to slide the engine in and put the whole assembly onto the plane, i have since cut the join and the top rear of the engine to allow it to be removed without taking off the engine. I have been flying the plane solo for about 3 weeks now and i can say it flys great , very light and floaty.
  14. I fly in london so i travel about 25-30 miniutes depending on the traffic, the club is very nice in a great location with great people, waht more could you want.
  15. jantrit


    well i just got back from the club, it was awsome really friendly people and a great location, had about four flights, and started final aproaches on the last one. great fun , i can't wait to go again.
  16. jantrit


    yeah i just got an email back from the guy at my local club telling me to come along and bring my model, wow im so exited
  17. ill have a look through my old mags and see what i can do
  18. hi im 15 just started out with model flying (started with a car about 2-3 years ago,becasue i didnt want to crash alot) got a tiger trainer .40 that ive built( constructed really) and im trying to find a club that will teach me to fly.
  19. thanks alot :), i have contacted them and left a message so hopefully i should be able to go and have a look soon :)
  20. was reading my first subscription issue and to my suprise i found the perfect offer of a club in the private ad's section of the may rcm&e, the add reads " want to join a friendly club and fly fixed-wing from a grass strip near junction 2, M40, beaconsfield, berkshire. 01895 233912." i have tried that number for over a week every day at least once but to no avail, quite possibly due to my begginers impaitients, but i thought i should have had an answer by now, so today i checked on the internet for another way to contact the club but i could not find any. so please could some one help me out here many thanks jantrit p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section
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