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  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for your reply. I laminated two layers of glass fibre onto my blades and they now weigh 41.5gm each, so much closer. I am now planning to add tip weights. I would have thought the weights should be on the chord -wise CG. Why do they need to be in front? and by how much. Many thanks
  2. Hello I am building a Gyroo and have carved the blades. These are made as the plans using aircraft spruce LE and what I thought was medium hard balsa. My balsa choice must have been too soft because after carving and with the bottom reinforcing plates fitted, they only weigh 30 grams, which is a lot lighter than the plan weight of 50 to 65 gms. I have read the Panther article (my next model) which says that the blades have a cone angle in flight which gives instability, also I have seen a post saying that a model with light blades rolls much more quickly. Obviously my light blade will have a greater cone angle so I am concerned if they will work. I don't want to bin them and am thinking of laminating with glass fiber or wrapping them in brown paper to stiffen them up and add weight. What do you think? Is it worth trying them as or is there a way to salvage them?
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