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  1. Checked with Tim on the RC Model Autogyro facebook site & only printed parts are available from a couple members, but not the files. Now I hesitate to ask this, as it appears my question got me banned on that facebook group...??!! If I draw up some parts based on your plans, is it ok if I share them on Thingiverse? I have found the rotor head & rotorblades by Emanuel_Stassar, and I would like to design the nose & tail as well and make them compatible with CF square tubing instead of spruce.
  2. Ok, thanks Richard. I have ordered the paper plans from Sarik and am excited to start building!
  3. Does anybody have a copy of those print files? Seems everything disappeared pretty quickly from the Coolwinde site
  4. Can anybody who purchased the plans from Coolwind tell me if you recieve a digital version? I don't need a physical paper shipped across the pond Correction, looks like it is now Sarik Hobbies that has the plans https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/new-auto-gryo/ Same question, is digital version included or available? Thx rhauff
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