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  1. Perfect, that's just the thing, thank you 🙂
  2. Ah man I knew there was more to it... Have you got any reccomendations for a cheap charger? I won't be using it a whole lot to be honest but as long as it doesn't burn the house down I will be happy.
  3. From that response I gather I am correct and just need the adaptor? It wasn't so much of an issue of finding one but the fact there wasn't many about so I didn't know if I was trying to achieve something unachievable. EDIT: Your link is now one to multiple so it answers my question, just need the adaptor. Thank you 👍
  4. What I am trying to do is charge some 4 cell receiver batteries (NiMH/NiCAD) but finding the connectors isn't as easy as I thought it would be so I'm thinking maybe I am doing something wrong. This is the charger I have: https://www.overlander.co.uk/chargers/e455-charger-50w-4a-li-nimh-charger.html And I am trying to charge some batteries like these: https://www.overlander.co.uk/nimh-batteries/panasonic-eneloop-aa-2000mah-4-8v-square-nimh-battery.html Am I correct in thinking I need a XT-60 male to JR connector female connector? The charger has the ability to charge NiCAD and NiMH so I know that's fine but it's more difficult that I would expect to find the adaptor which usually means it's not a common thing to do and I am likely incorrect?
  5. The canopy is different, also the tail looks different as there is a part that goes between the V wings where as this one looks to just epoxy on, there's no holes or anything Nose is too long on this one, very similar other than that though
  6. Bought a few models recently, once of those being a composite body slope soarer, I just wanted to see if anyone knew what it is? I've started re-covering it as the old covering was very tatty, not sure if I want to go with the colour scheme, it will probably look better once it's finished or I may go yellow and white.
  7. Stuck the Kavan Brushless motor C2830-1300 in with the 10x6 prop and it flew amazing. Only issue was about 5 minutes in it decided to jam on the rudder full and it fell out the sky. Luckily I wasn't too high so it's under repair as the break was perfect: What would be the most likely cause of this? There's no interference in the area as it's quite a way from anywhere else and there are no close cell towers. I'm thinking I stuck the ESC too close to the receiver or it moved a bit and caused it to jam on a servo. Or could it be a faulty servo? Not sure what the most common thing to cause this is... It was quite close at the time so it wasn't a lack of signal...
  8. This isn't the easy pigeon, I will probably put a similar motor in that to what I'll stick in this as they are very similar weight and size wise. I added the lead to the front of this just to try and get the CG close to what it should be, I was hoping with a larger motor I can't take some off and I may stick the motor outside as this will also bring the weight forward. The ESC died at the beginning of the session but I used other more well known brands and I was using it for a couple of hours. I do have the following motors that arrived today: - Kavan Brushless motor C2830-1300 - Kavan Brushless motor C2822-1200 - Overlander Brushless Outrunner Motor V3 2826/09 1900KV And the following props: - Graupner Super Carbon Folding Prop Blades 10x4.7 - Graupner Super Carbon Folding Prop Blades 8x6 - Graupner Super Carbon Folding Prop Blades 7.5x4 - Graupner Super Carbon Folding Prop Blades 10x6 What would you suggest as a good pairing on 2S? Also, I don't suppose you recognise the model? It would be good to know what it is as I really like it.
  9. Bought some ropey gliders from Inwards at the weekend and after a bit of tweaking, a replacement Chinese motor and cleaning up/balancing I can confirm I love flying. The simulator time paid off and I was soaring with the red kites in a £10 glider 😁 No idea what the airframe is but it can handle some loops (although keeping the speed to a minimum). One Chinese ESC went up in smoke after the engine died so I won't be using those again. Now the question is how can I make the batteries last longer? It's currently got a 2212 2200kv Chinese motor in and it's massively over powered on 3S's but with 2S it's great. With a 2200mh 2S it weighs 1100g. What would you recommend? If I could get away with a 1400mh 2S it would be ideal as it flew a lot better and I think this is quite heavy for a glider. VID_20240508183107.mp4
  10. I think that's for a different forum
  11. Or folding props/spinners Anything old that you will never use again I'm your guy 😁👍🏻
  12. Managed get a load of old gliders/foam models from Inwoods yesterday and gave a few of them a fly but there was a mixture of Chinese brushless motors (got very hot and didn't run properly) or no motors at all so I'm looking for anyone who wants to clear out a load of crap old motors or brushed ESC's they won't ever use again. I'll give them a new lease of life and I'm happy pay and cover postage costs. Anything considered to be honest, I'm learning to fly so want to train on these older tatty models before I move on to my decent models I've built up.
  13. I've bought the Radiomaster Zorro for now and when I start flying the larger models I will get a TX16 👍 Cheers guys!
  14. I like it. I'm thinking I may buy both, the Zorro for slope soaring and gliding and the TX16 for the bigger powered models.
  15. So the 4 in 1 (LBT) version is what I should be getting? From what I have read it's the one to get for Europe. I was only showing the basket of the manufacturers site, I will source from where is cheapest but I do want the Gen 2 version.
  16. So to confirm 4 in 1 (LBT) is the version I should be going for? Based in the UK and want to use all receivers I can. I do understand joining a club and speaking to people is the age old solution but as advised in my first post I haven't been to a club yet (weather being terrible and other commitments including catching Covid have delayed me) and I am going to be handing the FlySky kit over to my friend which means I can upgrade to a model that will stay with me for a while to come, this is why I wanted your recommendations on Spektrum equipment and equivalent products.
  17. Pretty sure this is the version to go for? (When I get out flying don't I don't crash everything I own, I'll treat myself to the AG01 Gimbals)
  18. After watching a fair few reviews I think it's got to be the Radiomaster TX16, the fact you can flash it with an open source operating system is awesome. Now I've got to find out what all these versions are!
  19. Absolutely open to anything. I'll have a look at the suggestions. I didn't really think there would be an issue buying second hand but the whole idea is to invest in something with more reliability and quality so I don't destroy the frames I have now. I have gone with a good selection of older models so losing one or two while learning isn't much of a big deal. I'll only start off with the gliders etc, I'll leave the 4 stroke Wot 4 for a good while yet. I think I was looking at Spektrum as there are a lot about and some of the other ones I looked at the receivers were ££££! Just to add, your advice doesn't fall on death ears I wouldn't be the owner of a VMC Basic Cub, half way through a SLEC Coyote and now have the last Tomahawk Billkits has made 😁
  20. Nice. I just wanted something around the £100 - £200 mark that does everything I need. Not interested in stabilization etc Jets and such are a long distance off and I just wanted a reliable older but better quality transmitter with quite cheap receivers. I haven't been to a club yet and I have no worry about going for a model that isn't used by the clubs I do attend as I am fine with menus etc. I have seen some DX8's that are around £100 - £150. Is there much of a difference between the DX Gen 1 and 2 when it comes to performance?
  21. I was looking at the DX as it was cheaper and I don't mind have an slightly older but decent model. No been to the clubs yet but my mate wants a transmitter and the FlySky one I have although is fine it's quite a cheap one. The only thing I did was stuck some spacers in the FlySky one I have to stiffen the thumb sticks slightly, I do like these on the stiffer side but other than that I am pretty open to anything. As long as I can get quite cheap receivers.
  22. Looking to upgrade my FlySky Chinese transmitter and wanted something good quality, easy to use but not too expensive. I was looking at a DX8 or similar.
  23. Already emailed them. Just wanted to check if anyone had wings laying about, I knew it would be a long shot.
  24. Long shot but acquired a Stab Yeo Mini-metro body with no wings. Just wanted to see if anyone had spare wings. Maybe a plan I can use to make up some? Not made anything from scratch before so don't know how much I'll struggle...
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