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  1. Hi all, I taught folks for many years , flying since the 1970’s ( including full size) Mode 1 or 2 is purely personal preference. I had one chap who flew well one day and the next was totally unable to keep it in the air. It’s unfortunately the way it goes. Continuity is the main thing with this hobby. Personally I would try and get His confidence back up by using one type of aircraft( the boomerang would be my choice) and stick to it. I would ask somebody competent in hand launching to initially get it into the air and let him build his confidence up. People tend to go backwards very quickly and it needs to be nipped in the bud. Once this is achieved work on a fast taxing exercise and build it up from there. Good luck😀
  2. Hi ,I realise the original post is a few years old , however I am in need of a mick reeves hawk plan . I’ve just acquired an incomplete kit minus the plans
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