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  1. Thanks Kevin b. PM sent. Thanks Kc, looks like Kevin b. has sorted my problem. Appreciate your reply.
  2. Thanks David for the info. I thought I'd seen pictures of a plan before now!! My first Funfly was a great flyer but I got too confident, Too low, too slow and a wooden fence jumped up and grabbed it!!
  3. Thanks Caveman. I'm on my 3rd Funfly. All 3 have been salvaged ones. This one is an electric converted fuselage now completed. It had foam wings with badly deteriorated veneer so Ive purchased a wingset from Slec. Got loads of drawings but thought there was a plan, maybe it was the original precedent plans i've seen. Anyway, thanks again. I'll lay all the bits out and peruse the drawings and sketches. Its a good lockdown project!!
  4. Anyone got an un-needed Funfly plan out there. Just for the wing assembly really. Happy to pay and cover postage. Thanks all.
  5. Some 60 years off and on including the "sex drugs n rock n roll years, marriage, 2 kids and a career. Airfix when I was in single figures and a plan from Boys Own Paper when I was eleven, tissue dope and a Cox 010 bought from paper round money! Loved it all, no regrets just wish I could fly like Jase Dussia!
  6. Big thumbs up to Nexus! Ordered some bits at 5pm online yesterday and just arrived midday today, Royal Mail. Great service. Thanks Nexus.
  7. Amen to all the sentiments in your post Nightflyer. Have a great Xmas and New Year.
  8. My thoughts are with you. I lost my Chris in July after 46 years together. But as someone else said look after yourself. There are no wordsbut hopefully like me your happier memories will overcome the sad ones. Best wishes.
  9. Sorry John. The hope with reviews is that the manufacturer picks up and puts it right! Its a nice model and has good "presence".
  10. The Dynam 110 suffered from motor timing out of the box when reviewed. A fix was published with my review in RCM&E in Sep 2015. The motors wud not sync sometimes on throttle up. Could happen in flight as well which might explain the attrition rate.
  11. Ikonnik 6 works well in my Flitezone Beaver and Aurora 9. No probs thus far.
  12. Sorry, just spotted the Magsuk reference!
  13. Many thanks Beth, really appreciated but how did it come to this ? I have 10 years of RCM and E in binders and dontwant to change. Will it still be Magsuk? Thanks again.
  14. Beth, Thats sad. They wont match what I have already. I will now have to review my subscription. What happened tocustomer service. You could have printed this in RCM&E and forwarned everybody. Very disappointed. s
  15. Thanks kc, have made a note but cannot believe RCM&E are not aware of the problem. Appreciate your help.
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