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CMPro Midget Mustang

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Hi Folks, hoping someone might have a copy of the CMPro Midget Mustang instruction manual.

Have tried CMPro and no luck, well no response at all! I know Jamara own them now i believe, searched the site and saw a link for manual...woo hoooooo!!! alas i need to be a retailer to access and download the manual...booooooooooooooooooo!!!

So has anyone a manual i could beg/borrow/buy from them please.



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Hi there Mark. I have the CMP Midget Mustang manual. I can copy it for you and send it in the post if you want to PM me with your address. The plane itself is a nice little flyer which I used an OS 70FS in. My only criticism is the material the U/C legs are made of gave way in a short space of time. Anyway let me know, Adrian

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SVT, that's a tough one. With my Cmpro MM it was a process of experimentation. How does it perform in the air? Is is quite stable with no zooming up &down? If it is stable move the CG back gingerly with the battery adj. no more than 5mm at a time. I seem to recall mine is set around 88mm. Bear in mind this plane is a racer to be flown quickly so you may need to land her "hot". Certainly take off is different than a normal aerobat as the MM has a short moment so you should keep in up elevator on the roll out for as long as possible and control the tail lift with the elevator so as to avoid a noseover. It takes practice not to jump into the air too quickly and risk a stall, but ask any model Spitfire pilot or vintage flyer and they will tell you what I mean.

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Thanks AS

I really dont now how it perform in the air, since It has never been in the air sad

I tried to give elevator during take-off, but probably not enough. Heard that someone are using ailrons down during take-off and 30% up + 10% down elevator during landing as well.

Do you have any expericence with that ?


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I must admit I haven't used the aileron trick. The other thing of course is to try to fly off as flatter surface as possible 'cos longish grass or rough ground will not help. By all means use a bigger throw on the elevator for the desired effect but if the CG is rearward the tail may be over sensitive in flight so you might want to dial in some expo to soften the effect a bit.

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