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  1. No flying for me today so a bit of mower maintenance called for. I recently bought a ride-on mower jack to clean under the mower. I am glad I did. There was rather a lot of congealed grass underneath. I am surprised any grass found it's way into the rear bin when cutting the strip! Glad I did that. πŸ˜€
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, Ron. It took me twice as long as usual to cut my strip - the grass just went bananas in the last week πŸ₯΅
  3. I have the CG Extra 300 plan in front of me and yes there 2 degrees of right thrust , no down thrust. Also the main wings and tail plane are at 0 degrees to the datum line. Hope that helps.
  4. That's an impressive array of models for just two of you, GG? πŸ‘
  5. Lovely plane, Paul. It's been chucking rain down all day here in Suffolk! ☹️
  6. But very heavy compared to it's contemporaries, Philip. I have had a 50 cc and 100cc Rotomax πŸ™electric equivalent and while they go well they are nearly twice the weight of comparable rivals. πŸ™
  7. No flying for me today, as it was a sunny day but with a 15mph S crosswind I thought discretion being best part of valour I would leave it and cut the strip. I can't believe after only 6 days I had to cut so much off it. Quite hard work but all good now, πŸ˜€
  8. Nice one, Dom. Do you know which Rotomax motor is installed and the amp capacity of each 6S lipos in the 12 setup? Thanks.
  9. Lovely day to be out. Unusually there wasn't a breath of wind down the old runway. My windsock is static unlike yours LF!. When there was any wind it was barely 2 mph as a crosswind ESE so even I can handle that one! 😊 I had a very successful session still adjusting the Capiche by degrees ........ almost there now - even the pilot complained of a hot backside so off came the canopy straight away.! Aaaah ....... Happy days ✈️ πŸ‘
  10. My turn to go out tomorrow now that I have escaped exam invigilating for at least one day. Yeah .........! πŸ˜€
  11. You sure need "bottle" to fly in that sort of space. Wow!
  12. Nice shots there Leccyflyer. I must admit this year I am getting used to flying in less that perfect weather as long as its safe.
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