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  1. Very kind, John thanks. Next step is to increase the EPAs to see what she can do. One chap reported he set the elevator at 60% and ailerons at 38% with 55% Expo. That all sounds quite extreme for me, therefore I think my efforts will be a bit more modest !
  2. At last managed to get out for the maiden plus two extra flights today. Bit cooler although there was a bit of a crosswind which made landing and aeros a bit untidy. They will get better with familiarisation. The working surfaces were set very benignly at Elevator +/- 18 deg, Rudder +/- 30 deg and Ailerons +/- 16 deg with no Expo at the moment. The first flight was mainly trimming out with 4 clicks right aileron and a surprise for me with 6 clicks of down elevator. That may say more about the position of the lipos although she doesn't seem to have CoG particularly rearward. Anyway something to investigate. Good to report the motor/prop combo works well and the motor delivers lots of power such that I had to lay off the stick a bit at times. Anyway the video is below which is nothing special, but at least gives a good illustration. https://youtu.be/rl986JqQ-WQ Incidentally, the 12S set up using two 5000 mAh in series also works well. I set the timer conservatively at 5 minutes, but on checking the voltages on landing each cell was around 3.99v which suggests I can increase duration to at least 6 minutes. I think I am going to enjoy flying her.
  3. Well all solved now as per my earlier thread:- https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/index.php?/topic/50941-completely-flummoxed/&tab=comments#comment-926608 In the meantime I swapped out the fluttering aileron servo and the replacement is perfect. As the fault appears to be with the motor, consequently I have fitted this replacement:- https://www.hobbyplastic.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=250_426_427&products_id=12957 I have ground tested the power train on the ground using my original Opto ESC and all is as I expect. The motor seems pretty powerful on a 20 x 10 JXF prop and I am sure it will run on 10s as well as my usual 12s setups. Now I want some decent weather to try the maiden again ........
  4. Well today was a successful day if a time consuming testing one. I started off by making/soldering a new wiring loom despite my not being convinced this was the problem. I then tested my lipos, TX & RX, then onto the motor. I decided to fit a different motor, namely a Dualsky GA3500 (Racing Version) that I was saving for a different project, to my Skywing Edge 540 74" plane. Well I tested both ESCs and low and behold both worked absolutely fine after extensive testing. Therefore I must have a duff motor as illustrated at the start of this thread, although I don't know why. It was bought new for around £110 and I really think the supplier needs to test it to confirm an issue with it. However, I am not very optimistic of getting that agreed to. Anyway, I am relieved to have cracked the problem. Thanks to all of the suggestions received.
  5. IDD15, I used a programme box for the HobbyWing ESC and assuming I can get some life out of the ESC I will check the voltage cut off level. The Dualsky was untouched and no programming was undertaken. I do have a multimeter and attention to the motor case is worth a check. Thanks.
  6. I have checked and renewed all solder joints although they seemed ok. The cells voltages were all around 3.85v per cell which it has been the case when installing a similar power train and has not caused an issue. I am going to swap out another motor\ESC I know is fine and test this week. Chris, I normally have had no problem with Dualsky motors and swear by them too so I am a bit surprised at this issue. I will try it on 6S as you suggest. As you say, Martin it's a bit worrying re: the ESCs. If it comes to it the motor came from Kings Lynn Models so we will see should that be the case. If the ESC no longer work I think that will be my loss I guess. Dad Flyer - it's only on this particular 12s set up.
  7. I too use lipos at storage voltage for testing, Denis. Good advice though. As I say I am going to check all the soldered connections this afternoon.
  8. A good starting point, Martin. Testing the ESCs on a good motor on one of my flying planes is the nuclear option as it involves taking good models apart (cowls etc) , but I may have to do it. I don't hold out any success with suppliers what ever I find purely because connectors have been soldered on and as such all the equipment is not pristine any more. It will be a personal write off if any of it proves faulty.
  9. Something I haven't encountered before, but I may have been lucky. I installed a new motor in My SkyWing Edge 540 74"er However, I am have problems getting it to run. I have tried two different ESCs (110A HV FlyFun Opto & 120A HV Dualsky Opto both sutable for 12s setups) and what happens is the motor starts and after a few seconds dies in both instances. With and without prop. In neither case can I get the motor to start again. I am using a 12s setup with the lipos installed using my usual series plug adapter. I have used identical rated lipos in testing (2x 5000mAh). The separate RX battery performs as it should with all working surfaces operating with the Futaba TX. I do wonder if the ESC is shutting off due to overload, but I have no way of establishing this. I have checked that the throttle channel is reversed as is always the case with Futaba. The fact the motor runs for a few seconds suggests it not that anyway. I am going to rewire/solder the set up this afternoon, but I am wondering if I have written off 2 ESCS in the process . I am beginning to wonder if its the motor (new or not) , but I have no simple way of testing it in isolation. I am looking for ideas as what to do next ....?
  10. Hi Paul, Just to be sure I did check my throttle EPA and it is full span set so I have discounted that for the moment.
  11. Bit of an admission to make here I am afraid. The first investigation into why the motor wouldn't work was to look through my Futaba TX menus only to find that the throttle channel wasn't reversed! This being a quirk of Futaba one has to do otherwise the motor won't work. Now I thought I had already done that at the testing stage, clearly not. That done the motor was left without a prop and sure enough it worked as it should. Right everything back together again adding the prop and outside the workshop for a full test run. Opened the throttle and all went well for 5 seconds then the motor died not to be revived again . Might be a coincidence that on this occasion the prop was putting the motor under load (20x10 wood electric) I did notice the anti-spark connector used to connect the motor felt quite warm after such a short time. That's not right. Anyway off with the prop, cowl etc for another test - still nothing. I decided to reconnect the programming box to see if that still functioned (it did previously). Nothing apart from the odd flickering. I do wonder if the ESC has burnt out internally, but I have no way of telling. In any event I am back to square one. It was a new Opto ESC too, so I am a bit puzzled as the it is rated at 110amps for up to 14s use. Quite adequate for this set up. The two in series lipos (12s) I used to test are in regular use with another aircraft. The second thing to establish is the fluttering port aileron servo appears to be faulty having tried it with just a y-lead and also using two separate channels as the alternative. I think I am going to put my hand in my pocket and flash the cash to put both issues right, but I will give it some more thought early next week.
  12. Sounds like plan there, Nigel. I will post when I have done some further testing.
  13. Andy48. Both batteries are charged at the same time. Plus I measure the after flight cell voltage 30 minutes or so after the flight rather than straight away. Philip, I will check the solder joints to see what I can find although I will say one model is some years old while the other is new. One flight from each so far with these lipos.
  14. The higher discharge battery (lower closing voltage) IR values are the lower discharge battery (higher closing voltage) IR values are Make of that what you will. I am not sure it takes me much further other than to say this pair of lipos have gone through the short so far lifespan on a 12s setup with the same plane, timed duration, balanced charge before flight from lows of the previous flying session. The one thing I haven't kept a record of is the precise mAh that has gone into each lipo at the time of balanced charging. The 2-3 flights usage have displayed the same disparity in finishing flight reading on the lipos in question.
  15. Yes, LeccyFlyer I have a Pilot RC Slick 67" which uses 6s1p packs in singles therefore that's an option.
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