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  1. Hi Ken, yeh have used a 4s. Turnigy 2200 mah 4s fitted quite snuggly but still allowed hatch to be closed. But to be honest with new ESC I haven't bothered and use any of my 3s up to 3000mah in it. Mark
  2. Morning Y'All, thought i would add my two peneth to the Riot. Bought one about 2 weeks ago and put it together down at the field, reason for this? well i was out and about it was a lovely day and i had nothing in my car to fly so impulse led me to buy one. First impression, well yeh as has been said Wot 4 hmmmm! Built it in about 20 mins if that but over tightened the chocolate prop adapter, snapped in 2 oh thanks! So flying curtailed even before i took off in anger. Added new prop adapter i had in spares pot and back to field. All pre flight checks done, good 3S 2650 battery in holder, plug in took off...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...oh my what a gutless wonder! Nothing to endear it at all. 3 mins later i landed thoroughly hacked off, i wanted to keep this in the car as a hack/ooh lets fly model. Even went thru the "teaching" the ESC throttle range again but 2nd fight the same thing. What have i done its a lemon. Back home i stripped out the ESC and slammed in a 60A one as i thought lets throw 4S at it. Back to the field couple of days later. Bit more oomph in fact lots better than 1st flight. Landed after 7 mins or so with a lil grin on face. Decided to try 3S again and I can honestly say the stock ESC sucks big time. On a 3S 2200 or 2650 or even a 3000 it flies so much better. Now i have a hack i can throw around and have a giggle with and do you know what, its foam and it bounces really well especially when the weedy wheels bolts give up the ghost. So yeh its sort of a Wot 4 but not and no it probably wont set yer pants on fire, but it will, at a push, knife or should that be spoon edge and inverted is easy peasy, so if you want something different to a Wot 4 give it a whirl, but beware of :- A - Prop adapter, choccy flavoured one B - Wheel bolts (see above) C- Glue (UHU Por) the fin in dont rely on the screws D - Most importantly, ditch the ESC for a 60-80A one it changes the ball game and will allow 4S with no dramas. So that was my 2 peneth Edited By Mark R on 31/08/2013 02:57:35
  3. As has already been said....Ammo boxes...and for added "safety" batteries in Lipo safe battery sacks.
  4. Thats good news Stephen. Now all you need is the ermm Summer weather.....hoping to get mine out this sunday, been awhile since i hacked around like a fool )
  5. Hi David, i got my Bixler mk 2 fro Hobbyking. Didnt take too long and to be honest weather is so pants you probably wont get to fly it anyway if you get from a UK source.
  6. As with most have put 'other' and dumb thumbs is the usual culprit....which i think is totally different to pilot error/flying kills....its like driving a car for 30 years and never having an accident and then over steering into your own brick wall due to brain freeze....its not error just an erroneous brain moment. I think pilot error/flying skills is totally different. A new pilot flying a low wing warbird and crashing because he or she cant handle the flying characteristics is pilot error/flying skills.....dumb thumbs is just one of those things and has no bearing on your piloting skills....ask any professional if they have suffered it and i can guarantee they will say Yes, so is their skills lacking? Are they bad pilots? Ok 2 penneth over n done with.
  7. Such a shame not to use probably the best .53 size enines you can buy. I have 5 Irvine 53s and they are amazing workhorses. Spares are still available, but you have to look for them and to be honest i dont understand why you wont use it. It was bought to be used....i am one of those people who will rip open the package and use....
  8. Savox definitely get my vote. Put a pair on my Acro Wot for aileron use, and wow the roll rate is amazing and unlike some digitals they dont seem to spend all the time on the ground 'buzzing' or hunting for centre. But then again i have also used 3001/3003 on all my other models upto 4 stroke 90. Never had stripped gears or any crashes due to failure. Plenty of crashes due to dumb thumbs tho!! Can you get digital thumbs yet?
  9. Looks interesting, just wish they would allow any rx/tx to be used.
  10. Good post Del Good visual guide for new flyers.
  11. Sorry wrong end of stick i misread title LOl Edited By Mark R on 10/02/2013 22:07:09
  12. Hi Gary, very cool looking model, nice colour scheme too. Do like the 'Sporty' looking type of model. Mark
  13. UMM...other half, who does not have a great interest in this hobby, says 'That is brilliant!'...so as far i know thats the best compliment she has ever passed about this hobby. Guess your doing everything right!
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