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Andy Blackburn's plan of a Vans RV-4 -

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Vans RV-4 Designed by Andy Blackburn

Above :- RC model of a Vans RV-4, Andy Blackburn's 1100 mm wing span model, it fly's on less than 350 watts for scale flight.


Andy Blackburn’s designed RC model plan of a Vans RV-4 is our treat in January’s magazine.

In anticipation of the first pull-out Pro-Plan for 2021 from RCME - I’ve linked in a video of the Vans aircraft. It includes the history, development and the people involved with the company.

A quote from the Vans web site: they call it the - “RV Grin” - for the full size flyers that is, also a rumour has it for those that have built their own aircraft the grin gets wider.

For us modellers that enjoy scratch building, the same satisfaction is enjoyed when eventually we fly our completed RC model, I'm confident with Andy's design's and that his rendition of a Vans RV-4 will provide a very big grin !



Below a link to the Vans Aircraft web site - it has some brilliant photographs great for choosing a colour scheme.

Vans Aircraft



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